Marketing Villas in Canggu: Most Expensive Mistakes that Cost You Money

Marketing Villas in Canggu- Most Expensive Mistakes that Cost You Money

Some vacation rental owners in Bali have a fantastic villas, sits in popular area in this island like Canggu, a fantastic beachfront location, and even luxury services, but they don’t get as many bookings as they would like. Why? It’s due to inadequacies in their marketing strategy. Here are the 7 most common mistakes committed while marketing your vacation rental in order to avoid any blunders that may be contributing to your lack of bookings. 

Targeting Most General Travelers Without Specific Target Audience

It’s critical to have a strong grasp of your target audience because it will influence all of your marketing and advertising content. The fact that you’re targeting families, couples, or groups of friends can have a big impact on the things you emphasise in your marketing copy.

Consider how your vacation rentals might fulfil the demands of various target audiences, such as their proximity to the beach and local amenities, or special features of the property, such as a large kitchen that would be ideal for large parties. You can focus your marketing efforts on this specific demographic once you’ve discovered the types of travellers your rentals are likely to appeal to.

Not Listing Your Canggu Villas in Enough Listings or Marketplace

Not Listing Your Canggu Villas in Enough Listings or Marketplace

Many property managers make the mistake of limiting their marketplace options, believing that managing many listings across multiple platforms would be too difficult. While promoting your rentals in more places may require more time and work, it is critical to take use of the many internet channels available to maximise your revenue, including not only the large names like Airbnb and, but also more niche sites.

The more websites that advertise your rental, the more likely you are to obtain more visibility and, as a result, more bookings. Plus, thanks to technological advancements, listing on several sites is now easier than ever.

Pricing Too High or Too Low Around the Area of Your Villa

When it comes to pricing, pay close attention to what is displayed on agency and listing sites for houses in your area, as well as the amenities and services offered by your competition. A common phrase heard recently is ‘race to the bottom’. This is a reference to some ostensibly low prices that listing sites may promote as perfect. However, there is a risk in listing too low, as this can attract the less desirable components as well.

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Not Defining the Unique Selling Points of Your Holiday Rental Bali

Bali has thousands of vacation rentals, so what can make you stand out from the rest?

The vacation rental industry is a cutthroat business. Why should someone reserve your home when there is so much to choose from? You must provide them with a compelling rationale. Otherwise, if your vacation rental doesn’t stand out for something, it may always be the second choice, resulting in fewer bookings.

Identifying your unique selling point (USP) can be done in a variety of ways. Perhaps your USP is the way you’ve ‘packaged’ the charming ancient beach home. Maybe it’s the tropical cabana and Mediterranean-style private pool in your tropical suite villa Canggu. Or maybe it’s your pet-friendly regulation and all the pet-facilities that makes guests-with-pets holiday easier.

Painting a clear picture of the lifestyle visitors may expect will function much better than sending out generic messages that could apply to anyone (or no one). Rather than merely outlining the amenities of your cottage, appeal to your target market on an emotional level to promote the benefits of renting it.

The Experience You’re Selling Isn’t Described

Your unique selling point has already been acknowledged; now it’s time to sell the experience. Remember what travellers are looking for when they come across your description for the first time. Every potential guest wishes to have the holiday of their dreams, to escape the daily grind and to unwind. Guests want to enjoy the best vacation possible, therefore you must persuade them to choose your rental. To attract visitors, sell the site itself. Consider how far your property is from the city centre. If your villa is located in Canggu, try to highlight any good restaurants or cafes around the villas. Do you have point of interests or popular destination nearby? Any beach clubs, water parks, night clubs, or shopping centre arounds?

Make the region where your property is located one-of-a-kind, appealing, and worthwhile to visit. Include a map of your rental’s location as well as photos of surrounding sites of interest.

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Not Taking the Grasps of Social Media Marketing

When it comes to marketing your vacation rental business online, having a strong social media presence is critical. It’s where your potential holiday guests will congregate, and it’s the ideal place to interact with them. However, simply ‘being on Facebook’ because you feel obligated to do so will not suffice. It doesn’t matter if you have a beautiful, Bali dream villa Canggu if you don’t know how to present it to people in the internet.

Being active on social media is all about spreading the word about your vacation rental, generating contacts, and cultivating relationships that could lead to bookings when the time comes. It’s a continuous process that gathers strength over time by posting and updating at least once a week.

Regardless of whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another site, get to know your profiles and keep them up to date. Once you’ve committed, be persistent and consistent in posting engaging content on a regular basis. Instead of self-promotion, think outside the sales and marketing box and share information that your potential guests will enjoy for its own sake.

Not Having Enough Photos of Your Canggu Villas or Photos of Poor Quality

When you advertise your Canggu Villas on the internet, the images are the only visual aid your potential visitors have to determine whether or not your property is suited for them. One of the most effective ways to improve your reservations is to use photos. Because most guests will not visit your property before booking, the photographs you post on your website must speak for themselves.

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