What You Should Consider When Designing Bali Holiday Villas


It’s not everyday you can buy holiday villas in Bali and have the opportunity to exercise your décor skills. It’s a rare chance, and you want to extend this effort into somewhat profitable endeavour in return. After all, a well-designed holiday villa would capture the eyes of visitors which in return increase villa’s occupancy. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite vacation home design ideas.

What You Should Consider When Designing Bali Holiday Villas

Location of Your Bali Holiday Villas Determine How You Should Decorate It

Location plays vital role at how you should decorate the villa. Consider this: a vacation spent sunbathing on a nearby beach location versus one spent trekking and spending nights by in the cool breeze would likely have quite different expectations. Details like the clothes you wear, the food you consume, and what you see in your surroundings all contribute to the sensation that you’re somewhat separated from normal life in either circumstance. And that are the aspects of life you should incorporate in your Bali holiday villas. You want the guests to truly feel the authentic life of the surrounding through villa’s decoration.

While we’re not suggesting you go overboard and make your holiday house look like an allegory, your locale should be considered while designing your interior. As for example, there are a couple of tried-and-true pairs you may try. Coastal styles are a natural fit for beachy settings, while rustic styles work well in mountainous areas.

Ties Everything Up with Consistency

Ties Everything Up with Consistency

One of the most neglected elements of interior design is consistency. When done correctly, it aids in the purposeful cohesion of your home’s appearance. Paying special attention to uniformity in your vacation rental will help it feel more like a faraway resort, since it is a tool recommended by expert designers.

Color is the key when it comes to maintaining consistency. You should choose a color scheme that can be applied across the property. Remember the 10-30-60 guideline, but because the colors will be so prominent, we recommend sticking to neutral shades and light colours that won’t overwhelm the eye.

Take Functions into Main Considerations

While function should always be a priority when putting together rooms in your house, it is even more so with a vacation home. It all boils down to one question: will you use this property as a rental income source?

If you’re going to rent it out, you’ll want to think about the tenants when it comes to the decor. Consider installing more beds than you normally would in order to accommodate larger gatherings. You might also want to think about furniture constructed of more robust materials that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

Keeping the Theme within Furniture

Don’t make drastic changes of themes across rooms. If you have a light wooden theme in the living room and porch, don’t suddenly decorate the bedroom with popping yellow and red. Similarities in the decorative aspects of each room should also be mirrored. The items don’t have to match, but they should work nicely together. Your best strategy here is to pick a single decorative style and stick with it. It will provide you with a set of rules to follow, whether your aesthetic is modern rustic or Mediterranean countryside.

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Adding A Touch of Luxury to Your Bali Holiday Villas

Let’s face it. The opportunity to indulge in a little luxury in Bali holiday villas is why most of us go on vacation in the first place. You want to make sure your area feels like a big escape, whether you have a vacation home you share with tenants or simply a spot where you can go to spend time with friends and family.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large budget, now is the time to blow it. Build each room with natural materials such as real wood, stone, and marble. Make an investment in high-quality furniture that will last a long time. Then, add plenty of wall art and accessories to complete the effect.

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