10 Best Amenities of True Luxury Villas in Bali to Wow Your Guests

Best Amenities of True Luxury Villas in Bali to Wow Your Guests

Guests pick luxury villas in Bali for a number of reasons. Some are business travelers seeking for a place to stay in between meetings. Others are tourists seeking for local tourist sites. Some are conference or event organisers and participants who are in town for a meeting or event. Whatever a guest’s reason for staying with you, one thing is certain: the experiences and facilities your hotel provides may make a significant impact in the growth of your business. So how amenities improve guests experience in your villa Bali and, ultimately, boosts future bookings? 

Why Luxury Villas in Bali Should Get Serious with Their Amenities 

Running a luxury villa business in Bali makes you part of hoteliers and hospitality industry. And like any other professional hoteliers, you want to put guests’ happiness and satisfaction above everything else. Amenities is one of facilities that directly speak luxury and warm welcome to guests from villa’s owner. So, which and what kind of amenities to invest for bigger return at your Bali vacation rental?

Assortment of High-end Tea Bags and Coffees

Assortment of High-end Tea Bags and Coffees

While tea and coffee is a must for villa amenities, guests will really appreciate it when they find premium tea bags, loose leaf tea, or single origin coffee in your villa. It’s a simple thing that makes relaxing time in the luxury Bali villas feels truly splendid. 

Assortments of Facemasks

Guests love some self-pampering and rejuvenation after exploring a new place. Try adding some facial facemasks in your toiletries mix to help their skin refreshed at the end of the day. It’s the least amenities that guests expect in a welcoming box and what will impress them the most. 

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Cozy Robes and Slippers with Your Villa’s Logo

You can expect slippers at any hotel, resort, and vacation rental. But what about robes? Guests love it when they find cozy robes in the wardrobe. If your holiday villas Bali is in a market with a lot of competition from Airbnb, or if you just want to gain a competitive advantage, consider making these facilities available.

Travel-Size Toiletries for Luxury Villas in Bali 

Travel-Size Toiletries for Luxury Villas in Bali

It’s easy to forget your toothbrush or one of your travel-sized products when you’re on the road. Stocking your bathroom with goods like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, lotion, contact solution, and so on will make your guests feel at ease, even if they forget anything. As an added bonus, provide small hand sanitizers that they may carry with them.

Hair Dryer and Styling Tools 

With Bali’s hot and humid weather your guests would spend every day between the beach and the pool. The majority of the hotels and villas where your visitors stayed offered a hairdryer in their rooms. What would truly please them is maintaining extra equipment at the front desk, such as curling irons and flat irons, so guests can leave some more room in their bags.

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Fun Local Treats from Bali 

Having simple snacks on hand for visitors to grab when they arrive or on their way out will nourish their body and heart. Try to provide a range of single-served dishes that can accommodate a variety of dietary requirements.

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