Breaking The Cycle Of Procrastination When Running A Business

Breaking The Cycle Of Procrastination When Running A Business

Being entrepreneur doesn’t suddenly change you to become a more driven person than you were before. The fact is, everyone may have their moment of procrastination where they are too burnout to do anything productive. The reasons of procrastination might be varied from one person to another. It can be due to personal issues and other things that affect you both physically and mentally to procrastinate. 

How to break the cycle of procrastination

Purposely delaying your tasks and responsibilities from time to time especially the ones you consider unpleasant is normal. However, procrastination is considered harmful and damaging when you do it regularly that it affects your productivity and the way you manage your business. 

The signs of damaging procrastination

How to break the cycle of procrastination

Your procrastination is damaging when you feel lost without a guide, have difficulty coping changes and transitions, are constantly being late, have a growing to-do-list, and focus too much on nonessential works. When you experience one, two or even all the signs of damaging procrastination, you need to immediately find ways to break the cycle to not cause any further damage both to yourself, the people working with you, and the business you are managing.

Simplify your projects

If you procrastinate your tasks because they feel too enormous to handle, break them into more manageable pieces. With simpler forms, your projects will seem less intimidating. You can simply reduce the project into a series that required specific actions. Also, it is important to start focusing on one task only before jumping into another one. Make sure to complete the task before taking another into your plate. 

Make your tasks more interesting

Sometimes, you feel too reluctant to finish even a small task. It might be because you see it uninteresting. Hence, it is highly recommended that you try making the task more interesting to look at. You can do it your own way for example, you list the task on a special notebook that has your customized design. Or, you can do it by creating your work space more interesting to stay at. Hence, you feel more motivated to complete your task. 

Create the hype

You can hype yourself up to feel more motivated in finishing your task. For example, have a big whiteboard you can place inside your office. Then, write down the tasks you need to complete, daily, weekly, or monthly. Every time you finish a task, cross it on the board. Make sure the board can also be seen by other people such as employees and other stakeholders. The peer pressure can also help motivate you to work better and harder.

If you have done everything you can to break the cycle of procrastination yet see no result, it may be the time for you to ask for help from the people around you. It is probably the task you are handling is too big for you that you need efforts from more people. Or, you can also see a doctor to help you refocus and stay present. 

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