Making the Most of Your Paid Leave for Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners!

Making the Most of Your Paid Leave for Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners!

Sometimes it’s hard to have deep love for scuba diving and being employed in a full-time job. While you need to keep the job as a main source of income, you’re also tied to the job which restrain your time for vacations. So how could you make the most of your paid leave at a full-time job to explore various diving destinations in the world? Here’s some trick for making the most of time for your scuba diving vacations for beginners!

Beginners Alert: Put as Many Leave You Can for Scuba Diving Vacations

Your country might have more than 30 days paid vacation leave in the law but your company might find it hard to allow you to take a 3 weeks leave in a row. It depends on how your boss sees it, really. However, if you constantly show dedication and fruitful effort in your job, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Try to perform at your best especially at few month leading to your supposed vacation. Maybe you don’t have to take one month full of vacation. Sometimes two week is just enough for a short diving gateway. 

Look for National Public Holiday/ National Collective Leave/ Bank Holiday 

Save up your paid leaves while you can! Look for any public holiday or national collective leave in your country that fall in the middle of the week. If you have a national holiday on Thursday, for example, you can extend it to a long weekend and fill the gap with your paid leave. Beginners or not, this is how you can turn a mini holiday to a scuba diving vacations. 

Try to Dive Locally in for Weekend Gateways

Choose Holiday Destinations in Dense-Sites Like Bali or SEA

Now you have the mini holidays. You don’t have to go far overseas to experience an awesome diving. Try to explore your local destinations and see they have interesting spots to explore! Sometimes it only need a short leap to discover underwater wonders!

Choose Holiday Destinations in Dense-Sites Like Bali or SEA

Don’t waste your precious paid leave on transportation. To make the most of it, travel to a country with vast options of diving. It would be even better if its also rich in culture and have a lot of non-diving travel options that you can enjoy between the dive. Bali, Indonesia, and other South East Asian country is a great example of this. Bali alone have more than twenty dive sites spread on the island that you can enjoy for weeks. You can also extend the dive trip with just a short flight to Komodo, Papua, Banda, and many more for awesome diving explorations!

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Take the Benefit of Dive Safari 

Take the Benefit of Dive Safari

One simple cheat to maximise your scuba diving vacations for beginners is taking a dive safari trip. On this trip, you will hop on a liveaboard to visit multiple dive sites on two to seven days of sailing. It’s a low effort dive holiday which give you maximum satisfaction! 

Beginners, Match Your Scuba Diving Vacations with Desired Diving Season

There’s nothing more disappointing than collecting your precious paid leave to see Mola-Mola, Manta Rays, Whale Sharks (or other exotic animals on your list) only to find out that they are out of season! Do your research throughly and make sure your vacations is in line with your desired diving season.

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