How to Enjoy Your Amed Bali Diving at Its Upmost

How to Enjoy Your Amed Bali Diving at Its Upmost

If you are an avid diver, you probably have heard of Amed. This little fishing village in the northeast coast of Bali hides numerous diving gems underneath its calm water! Unlike your typical  Bali destination, Amed is far from the typical beach-crowds, beach clubs, and the likes. It’s very quiet—vibrating peace all around the small village. Located in the foot of Mount Agung, Amed is blessed with incredible coastal view featuring the towering mountain and colder air. Amed offers a lot more than just Bali diving, and you can enjoy your time at this tranquil suburb if you know how. 

Stay at Amed Bali diving resort

Most divers come to Amed Bali as just part of their diving trip. One plunge in Amed and they are back to Sanur, Kuta, or wherever they based. But if you have more time in Bali, consider to stay in Amed for at least two to three days to fully experience the beauty of this village. Sleep in one of the best resort in Amed and wake up to incredible view of Mount Agung and the ocean. 

Go for meditation and yoga before diving

Go for meditation and yoga before diving

Want to soak in the tranquility of Amed even more? Take benefit from Amed’s peaceful nature to heal your soul. Early in the morning before your first dive session, go to your balcony and bathe in the rays of the sun. Take a deep breath and focus. Use the moment to meditate, do yoga, purify your mind, and let go of worldly worries. Yoga help better diving, and if you do it everyday during your stay in Amed, you will come back with much refreshed body and soul. 

Try diving in Amed Bali lightly 

Go light as you dive in Amed! Dive with just shorts and lycra—without all the thick dive suite. The water temperature is warm, ranging from 26ºC – 30ºC which allows you to dive with light suits. On other occasions, take time to admire Amed’s underwater with just snorkeling. Just don your snorkel mask and jump to the clear water!

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Explore the other side of Amed

Explore the other side of Amed

The Amed Bali is not limited to diving and when you step outside the village, you will find numerous attraction await. Trek the majestic Mount Agung. Go grab a bike and explore the charming countryside. Rent a kayak and go kayaking. Check in the abundance rice terraces which, unlike the famous Tegalalng, is totally not commercialised. Go a bit down to the south and make a stop at Tirta Gangga water palace—the place is beautiful and still very well maintained. 

Learn how to take pictures underwater

Give yourself the best souvenir from the underwater by… taking the best underwater photos you can. Seriously, do you want to leave Amed diving Bali with nothing? No, we are not talking about plucking some corals (big no!) or capturing some exotic creatures (also a bog no!). We are talking about learning some underwater photos technique so you can bring home a Nat-Geo quality picture and video from Amed to be cherished forever. 

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