The 4 Main Factors Before Selecting a Property for Investment


The apartment can be your first step to invest in real estate, practically for young people. In fact, bright young people have started their real estate careers by buying an apartment and renting it to students or by listing it on various online housing sites. Depending on the class, the rental rate for an apartment is generally lower than for a house in the same class, which attracts a larger crowd to the market. Before you get started and sign the paper, you need to know the other factors that will influence the likelihood of your apartment.

Property Investment

Good location for the perfect apartment

Did you know that strategic location is related to growth in development! You are close to the heart of the city, it’s better. Considering that most people living in apartments in Indonesia are workers, very few will be willing to live in the suburbs. Capital growth tends to be denser in the city, most offices and colleges are located in this area and your tenants will want to live close by.

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What can you find around you?

Access is one of the main points of sale of an apartment. Access to tolls, shopping malls and public facilities is extremely important in metropolitan cities. Make sure you can read the lifestyle of your future tenants. Apartment on the vacation island, for example, should be easily accessible from attractions such as beaches, stores or restaurants. As a general rule, your apartment should be close to public facilities. People want to have an easy stay; they don’t have to travel far to shop, pray or get to work. Think like a tenant, would you want to live in an apartment with such a neighbourhood?


What kind of facilities are available in this apartment? At the very least, your apartment should have adequate facilities, as this would be a major consideration for your future tenants. A shared garden and swimming pool will be perfect for families and tired residents who want to get away from the noisy city. Some of the luxury apartments even have a roof garden for maximum relaxation of the inhabitants. It will be more pleasant if the apartment also has a gym with a special subscription, where tenants don’t need to go to another gym to exercise.

It’s also important to have the right buildings.

Some apartments are offered fully furnished to promote easy living, as moving can be particularly exhausting. Tenants could only come for their basic needs and have their own bedroom, living room, kitchen and even cable TV. Some apartment owners, however, know that the personal touch is important, so they leave the apartment only half furnished or completely empty, the price being of course considerably lower. Study your target market to decide whether or not you should complete it with complete furniture

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