The Ultimate Bali Diving Spot for Macro Enthusiast


It’s no secret that Bali is one of the best choice to dive in Indonesia after Raja Ampat, Komodo, and Manado. A meeting point of two currents, Bali is blessed with plankton-rich waters, boosting a healthy marine life for small fishes, pelagic, turtles, big mammals, corals reefs, and aquatic vegetations. The difference of ocean topography on Bali allows various diving spot to form. Some provides perfect situation for beginners, some gives very thrilling current dive, and some are just heaven for micro divers. ((insert why micro diving is rewarding here) and here, we have covered three most rewarding diving spot in Bali for micro diving. 

Best Bali Diving Spot for Macro Life

Sea critters, micro diving in Bali

Seraya Secret

The Seraya Secret is definitely the go-to Bali diving spot if you aim for incredible micro diving experience. The site sits just 5 km from the east of Tulamben, a huge dive site among both beginners and professional. The diving here in Seraya is quite shallow, only 10 meter depth which will be perfect for divers of all levels. Soft and silty black sands blanketed its shores, which provides a perfect condition to nurse juvenile creatures and micro critters. Diving in Seraya, you would meet small frogfish, seahorses, ghost pipefish, moray eels, boxer crabs, tiger shrimps, and if you are in luck, the harlequin shrimp and mimic octopus. Plenty of nudibranch glowing in vibrant colours between the sponges and corals, providing a beautiful contrast against the black sand bottom. Diving in Seraya is pretty easy with weak current and high visibility up to 30 meters. 


Another big site after Tulamben is Amed, located on the north east coast of Bali. Amed is blooming with rich marine biodiversity and that includes teeming micro creatures. Macro enthusiast will be delighted to catch a glimpse of orang-utan crabs, golden mantis shrimps, electric clams, and nudibranchs. If you have a keen eye, you might spot the cute, tiny, pink pygmy seahorses among the sea fans. Be extra cautious with your camera and lighting, cause these fragile creatures are extremely sensitive to light!

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Padang Bai

The Padang Bai is a famous of Bali diving spot that’s long known as a great place to meet the phenomenal sunfish or mola mola, manta rays, turtles, and pelagic. The site, however, also offers a very lively macro life that won’t disappoint any divers. The Jetty site, an abandoned docking station for big cruise ships, has now reclaimed by nature and sprouting with soft corals. It’s basically a paradise for juvenile fishes. In the seabeds, you will see frog fishes, lace rhinopia, colourful solar nudibranchs, and the rare mimic octopus and blue ring octopus. The other dive spot of Padang Bai Bali, Jepun, is also abundant in macro life. Flutemouth, seahorses, yellow boxfish, mantis shrimp eyes, and diverse species of nudibranchs could be found not far from Jepun artificial   reefs. 

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