Top Tips for Going with An Open Trip Labuan Bajo!

Top Tips for Going with An Open Trip Komodo Island!

It’s hard to resist the charm of Komodo. The Jurassic-looking set of islands, the prehistoric beasts, the clear blue water that holds bursts of corals and rich marine life underneath—everything about Komodo screams daring adventure. However, not all people can afford chartering a yacht for exploring this fascinating frontier. One of the most popular way—and a travelers’ favourite—for venturing the Komodo is by joining an open trip Labuan Bajo. You will be sharing the boat with five to twelve other passengers, depend on the boat, and of course sharing the cost! Not only that it’s fun, it’s also budget-friendly! If you have never joined an open trip before, here’s our top tips to make the experience fulfilling! 

Gather All Information About the Open Trip Labuan Bajo

Gather All Information About the Open Trip Labuan B

The first and foremost thing to do before proceeding with the trip. Do your research! Gather all information you need about Komodo and what you expect about the trip. Make a list about destinations you want to visit in Komodo and how long you plan to go for the sailing trip. Browse about the boats and see what kind of liveaboard boats you want to sail with. It’s important to set the expectation about liveaboard’s facility right. Do you want to sleep in a full-furnished, air conditioned cabin or are you willing to sleep in a mattress on an open deck? Do you want to dive and snorkel in Komodo or do land exploration only?

It’s important to book the right open trip Labuan Bajo which itineraries and facilities align with what you want. We don’t want to have disappointment in the future that could spoil your Komodo trip experience.

Bring A Camera

Do not miss a moment! All smartphone might have adequate camera now, but sometimes it cannot truly capture the surreal landscape of Komodo. Imagine the magnificent rolling hills of Gili Lawa. The bird-eye view of Komodo’s landscape from the top of Padar that’s just out-of-this-world. Or the bright and brilliant underwater that looked just like a giant colourful aquarium! You want to bring a good camera to capture all of these captivating beauty.

Go with A Friend 

Go with A Friend

Nervous about going on a trip with a bunch of strangers you don’t know? It’s very normal—especially if you are naturally an introvert. Going with a friend—or loved one—to the open trip Labuan Bajo might make you feel more comfortable. Sometimes, having someone familiar with us on a trip actually make us feel more confident to mingle with other people onboard! Going on a trip with someone familiar also make cabin arrangement easier.  

Make Friends Onboard!

Whether you are going with a friend or travelling solo, try to make friends onboard! You will be meeting like-minded people with you on the liveaboard. And since everyone is on the mood for travelling, starting conversation will be easy. Don’t worry too much and be yourself. It’s not rare to heard friendships which was formed from open trip to last for years!

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Don’t be Shy to Ask Anything to the Open Trip Labuan Bajo Organizer

Make no room for miscommunication. Ask anything you don’t understand about the trip to the organiser. And if you don’t have anything to ask, don’t be shy to strike up a conversation with the organiser! Tell them how you enjoy the trip and share your insights about the day. Open trip organisers loves to connect with their guests and they can be among the best friend you can have on board!

Keep Your Belonging Safe and Secure 

All the fun aside, don’t forget to keep an eye of your belonging. Especially if you have to share a room with another guest. Don’t put your phones and wallet anywhere—you don’t want to lose it during the trip. Make sure your valuables are always kept in somewhere safe. Don’t be a slacker with your belonging.  

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