Maintaining Organic Traffic For Your E-Commerce

Maintaining Organic Traffic For Your E-Commerce

When you manage e-commerce business, there are many challenges you need to deal with especially with how your website works. Your website is important part of your business because it is like the store. Every activity related to your business such as displaying new product, receiving payment, to responding to customer’s feedback are all done in your website. If you cannot manage it well then it is easier for your business to crumble. One of the most challenging factors in managing website is to attract and maintain traffic. 

Hot to gain and maintain organic traffic for your e-commerce

When it comes to managing e-commerce, what’s more important is not high traffic but the organic one. When you get organic and high quality traffics, it will attract more real customers. This way, your online has more opportunities to grow big. 

To attract organic traffic, you need to make sure that you properly manage your website. Look at the speed of the website for example. If it is really slow when loading, potential customers will just leave right away and visit another website with better performance. You might think that visual graphics and all that animation are what make your website interesting. Yes they are interesting but it is not enough to make potential customer stay. You need website that has good speed and so potential customers can spend their time there efficiently without waiting the loading process to end in hours.

Maintaining Organic Traffic For Your E-Commerce

Today, website is not only accessible for Personal Computer but also other devices such as mobile phone. You need to adapt to it and make our website compatible with mobile device, especially smartphone. Many people are using smartphone in their daily lives accessing various sites with just few touches and scrolls. By making your website accessible and compatible with mobile device, you have more chance to increase organic traffic.

After managing and fixing problems with your website, you can start with implementing the right strategies to attract organic traffic. You need to make high-quality posts in your website. Don’t make it only full of products you sell but also other information that your audience will find helpful, insightful, informative, or entertaining. You have limitless options of what to post such as articles, video, product reviews, and many more. 

Your high-quality contents can work better if you optimize them with SEO. It helps a lot in ensuring your website has at least a decent ranking on search engine such as Google. Implementing SEO strategy on your own can be overwhelming, you can learn it from the beginning until you understand the concept. However, you can also hire a SEO experts to help your website performs better. 

Make your website compatible with various social media platforms. Hence, you can upload more varieties of content and link them to different platforms. For example, you create a twitter account and post a short clip there. Then, link it with the original post you have on your website so people are curious to visit.

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