How to Plan Komodo Boat Trip to Your Needs


For travelers and wanderers of the earth, the name of Komodo National Park might be as familiar as Galapagos. Plunged far in eastern Indonesia’s frontier, this chain of islets are the last sanctuary of the great and rare Komodo dragons, the only colony of dragons in the earth to live in the wild. And much like the Galapagos, Komodo is tightly ties with liveaboard, cruises, or yachts—you basically need to arrange a Komodo boat trip to experience what this raw frontier has to offer. 

There is something truly incredible about Komodo that lure people all around the world to come and roam in its wilderness. Not only that it has the endemic Komodo dragons (you would only see them caged in other part of the world), but the land is also blessed with undisturbed eco systems, incredibly rich and brimming marine life, outlandish savannah fields stretched in undulating hills, and some of the most gorgeous beaches on earth—with a number of pink tinted beaches on the shoreline! 

Now that Komodo boat trip has become highly popular, it would be no surprise if you’ve already put this destination into your bucket list. Given its remote location, however, it helps to have some planning ready before your actual trip take place. Here’s an unbiased opinions and advice to help you choose the right boat and trip at your best budget. Read on!

How to Plan Komodo Boat Trip to Your Needs

Identify Your Need

Generally, travelers in Komodo could be divided into two groups; divers and land explorers. Half of the majority of tourist who come to Komodo are indeed experienced divers and snorkelers, seeking delights under the water. No wonder—Komodo is only second best to Raja Ampat when it comes to diving as it’s a part of the world’s coral triangle! Many Komodo boat trip includes diving on their itinerary packages, and some even make them exclusive to dive trip, but it would come useless if you can’t dive at all. It’s important to focus on your need and interest before coming to Komodo.

How Much Time to Spend on Komodo Boat Trip

Trips in Komodo can last from as short as one-day excursion to 8 day sailing trip with no repeated landing sites. The longer your trip is, the pricier it would be. However, with longer duration comes an extended opportunity to experience all the unique habitats and natural attraction that, most of the times, are exclusive in the particular island they are in. Shorter trip are less time consuming and definitely cheaper, but it might miss out some interesting islands and dive sites. It does, however, comprising the main and essential highlight of Komodo to see. 

Choosing Your Type of Boat

Based on its comfortable levels, basically there are four kinds of trip in Komodo; the budget, the comfortable, the luxurious, and the private. Budget and comfortable boats usually have Open-Trip mode, where they sell cabins for a predetermined schedule and duration. You cannot choose the date, you cannot choose the length; all you do is choose a cabin, pay for the number of people that come with you, and just follow the itinerary for the rest of the trip. The budget, comfortable, and luxurious boats are different based on their services and facilities. Private boat are often reserved for people who want to have undisturbed privacy and the flexibility to tailor their own itinerary. 

So, which Komodo boat trip is suitable for you? 

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