The Importance of Guests Experience in Villa Seminyak

The Importance of Guests Experience in Villa Seminyak

Whether it’s Bali’s most exclusive five-star hotel or private owned one bedroom vacation rental villa in Seminyak, hospitality plays vital role on the success of your business. The bottom line of a vacation rental property is heavily influenced by the guest experience. In the face of severe competition, your vacation rental business’s guest experience can make or break it.

Understanding Guest Experience in A Vacation Rental

The interactions you have with your guests from the time they arrive until they depart are referred to as the guest experience. This phrase is most commonly used in the hospitality business to describe how well you treat your guests. They will have formed opinions, thoughts, and emotions that will effect their experience from the time they see your listing, read reviews or descriptions of your vacation rental home, and view images of the property. The pleasure continues once your guest arrives at the vacation rental home up until they return the key and walk out the property. So, guest experience formed not only from the time they spent on your property. It begins before they come and end when they go back home.

Guests Experience is Not All About Having a Nice Villa in Seminyak

Guests Experience is Not All About Having a Nice Villa in Seminyak

Now, imagine you are planning a vacation in Bali. You want to stay in Seminyak and choose a nice villa for five days stay in the area. It has pools, kitchen, three bedrooms with a view, and a lounge with big TV. Now, Seminyak is about 40 minutes drive from the airport, and you need to haggle with aggressive taxi drivers. You manage to find one and feel totally ripped off—all because your villa doesn’t provide pick up service. Now you get a glimpse of Bali from the taxi’s window; the car is heading to Seminyak and the weather is good. But when you reach Seminyak, you realise that the roads are rather small and the villa, promising a seclusive hideout, is actually hidden from all the beach clubs and shopping districts.

You make sure that the villa address is right—it is. Only after solid 30 minutes, 5 missed calls, and two back-to-back calls with the host, you finally reach the address. But wait, you need to wait for another ten minutes before someone arrives and give you the door locks. Finally, you can get inside to put your belongings. But it’s past lunch time and everyone is hungry; and guess what? The fridge is empty, no welcome drinks or welcome basket in sight, the water dispenser has no water, and the tap water is a no-go. Feeling frustrated, you proceed to check the house and find the property is a bit dusty. You swear that this will be the last time you rent a vacation house. At least in a hotel you will get welcome drinks and room service. The nice beds and Instagrammable hanging rattan chairs in the patio can’t even make up the hellish experience. When you leave, you make sure to put one star in the review and warn everyone to never book this property.

This is how bad guest experience look like. You don’t want this happen to your Seminyak villa, don’t you?

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Why Guests Experience is Vital for Your Villa Seminyak

Why Guests Experience is Vital for Your Villa Seminyak

It’s much easier to grasp why the guest experience is so important if you put yourself in their position. Customer experience is critical to the success of your vacation rental business because it can boost customer loyalty and revenue through better ratings and reviews.

Excellent guests experience is like invisible investment for business. Positive experience can turn into:

More bookings as a result of 5 star ratings

Achieving 5-star ratings, whether in simple Google My Business or vacation rental listing services such as Airbnb’s, can give you better search result rankings! If your prior guests had a positive experience, your vacation rental property will be more visible to new guests.

Referral and word of mouth promotion

When someone like something, they’ll want other people to know it and like it too. When you provide impressive guests experience, you convince them that they are staying in the best villas in Seminyak. Your guests will feel encouraged to review your property and this means free marketing channel!

Returning guests and loyal customer

You may urge your visitors to rebook directly in the future and avoid the costly booking costs once you’ve hosted them once and dazzled them with your amazing guest experience! Many guests will understand once they’ve gotten to know you and you’ve developed a personal relationship with them.

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