Increasing Occupancies for Bali Villas for Rent You Should Do Now

Increasing Occupancies for Bali Villas for Rent You Should Do Now

When you own a couple of villas in Bali for rent, you want the properties to be profitable and provide reliable income. However, attracting guests and win their heart is not as easy as buying the properties. It’s a continuous effort that requires lots of investment especially in time and strategies, but it’ll definitely repays in the long run. If you want to grow your bookings, you’ll need to stay up with the modern and up-to-date amenities, offers, and visual experiences that many customers expect. Because of the rapid advancement of travel trends, you’ll need to come up with fresh and intriguing techniques to boost your bookings. The following is a list of the seven most important techniques to maximize your vacation rental options.

Photos of You Bali Villas for Rent Speak More than Words

To improve the number of vacation rental bookings for your home, provide your potential guests a clear picture of the house or flat. First and foremost, avoid taking photos from afar and ensure that you get images from every conceivable perspective. Make an effort to add high-quality photographs to your profile because they will appeal to more travelers. Professionally produced photographs of homes will stand out from the crowd. Use a high-resolution camera to capture clear light and attractive interior and outside shots. Consider the arrangement, the angle, and the order in which the images will be displayed on the website. You want to take your possible visitor on a tour of your home.

Channeling the Advertising Effort

Make Reviews and Testimonials Works for You

Increase the amount of vacation rental sites and web pages where you want your listing to be seen. You can try out Traveloka,, AirBnb, or localised one like Kibarer that specialised for Bali villas for rent and purchase. This is one of the greatest and easiest strategies to catapult your vacation rental bookings. People need to know where you are and what you have to offer, so getting out there is critical.

Make Reviews and Testimonials Works for You

Include reviews and testimonials in your websites and display them in the main landing page. You can use some website plugin that extracts all 5-star reviews from reputable websites such as Facebook, Trustpilot, Google, Yelp, and others. Reviews and testimonials are the modern “word of mouth” and what is referred regarded as “social proof. From beauty products to vacation rental, reviews and testimonies are still what most persuades purchasers nowadays. So make sure you always deliver the best service to get five stars reviews and attract more customers in the future.

Put “Bonus” Amenities in Your Bali Villas for Rent

Providing extra amenities that guests are ready to spend more for is a quick approach to boost bookings on your Bali villas for rent. It will not only provide you a competitive advantage over your competition, but it will also make it simple to explain a higher nightly charge to potential guests. The problem is figuring out what those amenities are so you don’t waste money on things your guests won’t use.

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The Seasonal Pricing Strategy

Yes, you must reduce your rental rates during the off-season. However, because you’ve researched the demand pattern at your own vacation rental, you know that you only need to cut your prices when demand falls. You also know that certain weekends, for example, will be in high demand, so you raise your prices accordingly. Test out hotel prices as well to come up with your low season and shoulder rates. Search for hotel prices near your Bali villa rental and see their pricing. During the off-season, try out a few different check-in and check-out dates. Because hotels normally have a solid yield management tool, this type of fast analysis can give you a decent understanding of the general shape of demand.t lower your rental rates. You know that you only need to lower your prices when demand declines because you’ve studied the demand trend at your own vacation property. You also know that some weekends, for example, will be extremely popular, so you increase your costs appropriately.

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