How To Foster Engagement With Your Remote Team


The situation with the pandemic has forced millions of people around the world to work remotely. The access to work freely at the office is limited even until now since the pandemic has not been contained yet. However, the vaccination is on going now and some countries have eased the protocol. Some people around the world have started working at the office gradually with tight rules and protocols. Meanwhile, some others are still working remotely due to various reasons. If you still implement remote work in your company, it is important to know how to foster engagement and keep morale high. 

Creating positive and rewarding environment for the success of remote team

There are many benefits of remote work but there are the downsides too. The most important thing is to cultivate ongoing methods that can contribute to create more positive and rewarding environment for everyone in your team. And here are things you can do to foster engagement better:

Connect on a personal level 

To connect on a personal level with your team, you need to be more creative with the remote situation. Usually, you can have a casual and more personal conversation in the breakroom or over coffee. Meanwhile, remote work won’t allow you to have those moments. However, you can create those moments by taking initiatives. For example, you can hold a virtual lunch or coffee once a week with your remote team. You can choose a theme or not at all. The point is to make it a comfortable environment for everyone to speak freely, they can speak about their achievement of the week, their current condition, and many more. 

Establish open communication

Even when you and your team work in the same building, poor communication will only lead to failure. And working remotely is even more challenging because there are so many barriers. However, you can still establish open communication with your remote work by providing more access for everyone to reach each other out more easily. Use reliable communication tools to avoid any misunderstanding as well. Encourage everyone to speak up. It is also recommended to be more casual about chatting. Allow your team to have their inside jokes as long as it doesn’t impact poorly to anyone. 

Set boundaries

You need to create a system and structure that will be healthy and balance for everyone. Encourage work-life balance by setting working hour thoroughly. If you and your remote team has different time zones, make sure to consider it. It is strongly suggest that you provide clear information accordingly. The point is to let them know that at the end of the day, they post what they have accomplished and what’s on their to-do list. Then, allow them to log off and mute notification because it is time for them to have their personal activities. Allow them space to disconnect with work life can help prevent burnout. As the result, they will feel happier, more satisfied, and engage more with the team. It is good for everyone’s mental health.

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