The Idea Of Normal In Business Settings


The global pandemic has led us to the new normal now. It has been over a year since we were hit by the pandemic and it turned our world upside down. People are starting to get used to the idea of a new normal. However, can that term be applied to business world? Should professionals also get used to the idea of normal?

Should you expect for things to get back to normal?

The idea of getting back to how the world was before the pandemic is what many people are expecting right now. People can’t wait to get back to work at the office, go to school instead of having online classes, and socializing more freely with others. However, the impact of the pandemic is too big for us to expect things to get back to the way it was before. There have been many shifts that leave more permanent effect and not all of those are bad. 

In business setting though, there is not really we can call as normal because business world itself is often unpredictable. In business settings, normal has never really existed int he first place so why now we are all expecting for that? The problem is regardless of your profession or background, changes are always something scary to experience. Changes are not comfortable and considered not normal. Humans always crave for stability and normality. We want to be in the same environment that makes us comfortable and safe. We easily grow attached to places we go and things we do. Hence, the idea of normal is what we are always craving for. 

Things that you define as normal might be suitable only for certain period of time. Things always change no matter how you against of the idea. If you cannot accept the idea of changing then it will be harder to move on and pivot when necessary. And in business, you won’t survive with that mentality. It is time for you to start normalizing the idea of experiencing disruptions.  In business there will always be disruptions in various forms. What works for your business today might not work tomorrow. Change is inevitable but what you can do instead of preventing it is to be agile and flexible. 

Do not be afraid of not getting back to normal

Keep in mind that humans have brains that can work wonderfully, solving variety of problems in many different ways regardless of the disruptions or environments involved. There is not really normal way to work and that’s what you should plant in your mind. What you consider normal is not always have to be about working at the same place. But maybe it could be the way you operate your days instead. What you can do to adjust with the current situation is work your way to reach success. Detach all your past and old routines if they don’t work for you anymore. Instead, use your agility and flexibility to face any challenges in any situation.

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