Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, The New Trend of Marine Tourism


One of the super-priority destinations developed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is Labuan Bajo. Located in the Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, NTT. The village of Labuan Bajo is located on the island of Flores’ westernmost tip. It is serene, with many wonders awaiting your discovery. Labuan Bajo began as a modest fishing village, but it grew to become the gateway to numerous unique East Nusa Tenggara locations. Labuan Bajo liveaboard is becoming a trend and the perfect way to visit many exotic islands with super amazing views.

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, The New Trend of Marine Tourism

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard, Port to Paradise

Labuan Bajo’s principal purpose gradually evolved to that of a gateway to various tourist spots in the surrounding area. This area is blessed with numerous scenic sites as well as a diverse natural habitat, particularly in terms of its underwater biota. Labuan Bajo is known for its breathtaking sunsets. Deciding to sail comfortably to Komodo National Park, definitely take the Labuan Bajo cruise package which is the main hub for visiting inhabited and uninhabited islands.

Padar Island

Padar Island is unusual in that it is a hiking destination in the middle of the sea. Padar is sandwiched between Komodo and Rinca, two large islands. There are several green hills, spiky points, and numerous beaches. The hike is short and takes about 20 minutes to complete if you can resist the temptation to stop and view the scenery along the route. On foot, you can quickly access various view spots.

Labuan Bajo tour visiting Komodo Island

This is the most obvious. Labuan Bajo serves as a gateway to Komodo National Park. The island of Komodo is about a four-hour boat voyage from the town. You can see the spectacular Komodo dragon up close and personal on this island.

The dragons are allowed to wander the entire island, including the rangers’ compound. When you visit, make sure you are always accompanied by a park ranger; the charge for a park ranger is normally around IDR200,000 per party.

Diving activity

As previously said, the Komodo National Park is extremely diverse, both on land and underwater. Try scuba diving near Seraya Kecil Island, one of the park’s islands. There’s a good chance you’ll see dolphins, manta rays, and perhaps whales. The ultimate prize, though, is the dugongs, the local mermaids. If you can’t spot the mermaids, there are bright coral reefs to distract you.

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