Private Trip Labuan Bajo 3D2N, Visiting Exotic Island Landscape


Travel allowances in Indonesia have been in effect since March 2022. For tourists who have received 2x vaccines or have had booster vaccines, there is no longer a need for an antigen or PCR test. Bali is one of the favorite destinations for local and foreign tourists. Based on data from Ngurah Rai Airport, foreign tourists entering Bali reached 2000 people until March 7, 2022. Apart from Bali, the current trending tourist destination is Labuan Bajo. Usually, local or foreign tourists take private trip Labuan Bajo 3D2N by visiting favorite destinations.

Private Trip Labuan Bajo 3D2N, Visiting Exotic Island Landscape

Private trip Labuan Bajo 3D2N, What to expect

The most important thing when you want to do a private trip to Labuan Bajo is to determine whether you want to stay at a hotel/resort or stay onboard. Both offer a different experience. The advantages of staying at a hotel/resort certainly offer more comfort. But keep in mind that there are many interesting spots in Labuan Bajo and its surroundings and it takes time to reach them.

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Live onboard means you stay on board during the sailing trip. Ship facilities are provided for the convenience of tourists during the cruise. You can enjoy a private cabin, share cabin equipped with air conditioning. The sundeck area is equipped with beanbags and lounge chairs for tourists who want to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. Meal 3x per day during Labuan Bajo trip and snorkeling equipment.

What include tour Komodo Labuan Bajo?

Pricing information and the facilities included are important. Many tourists are tempted by cheap prices without researching what facilities they get. 

Include on Labuan Bajo tour package:

  • Private Ship
  • Tour according to the program
  • Mineral Water during the trip
  • Transfer to the inn/airport to the PP port
  • 3 Air Conditioned Boat Cabins for 6 Persons normal capacity
  • Full Music and Karaoke on board
  • Eat during the trip according to the guest’s taste
  • Coffee, Tea and Snack during the trip
  • Snorkeling and other Safety Equipment
  • 4 Professional Crew (Captain, Assistant and Chef)


  • Komodo National Park Entrance Ticket
  • Professional Tour Guide
  • Documentation (Land + Underwater + Drone)
  • Ranger (Komodo Island Tour Guide)
  • Tiping Crew Ship (Voluntary)
  • Personal cost
  • Private Trip Labuan Bajo 3D2N Itinerary
  • Each Labuan Bajo trip operator offering a different itinerary. But most of them offer destination spots that are not much different.


  • Kelor island
  • Padar island
  • Kalong island
  • Rinca island
  • Manta Point
  • Taka Makassar
  • Gili Lawa
  • Siaba island
  • Sebayur island
  • Kanawa island
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