Top Five Things to do in Baliem valley

 Baliem valley

Located around the Jayawijaya mountains, Baliem Valley is a great place for you to enjoy culture, customs, and the stunning landscape. This area, sometimes known as the Grand Valley. This famous valley is the most favorite and most available destination in Papua’s interior.  For over 30,000 years the mountainsides and in this valley have been inhabited by scattered Dani tribes. When you visit this area, it is no wonder that you will find that the local people still use traditional Papuan clothing, namely Rumbai and Koteka. Here’s our list of the 5 best things to do in Grand Valley.

Trekking in the wilds of Baliem Valley

From the city of Baliem Valley, you can get treks into the Dani, Yali, and Lani tribal lands and even go to Asmat lands. This valley is a heaven for trekkers and a perfect place to kick off your highland trekking adventures. Besides, the local’s people are kind and friendly. They will always point you in the right direction. By trekking, you can witness the culture, traditional ceremonies, traditional markets and the way of life of the local people.

Lake Habbema

Lake Habbema is located on a plateau at 3,400m above the stunning sea level in the shadow of the snow-capped peaks of Mount Trikora. The best way to reach this stunning lake is to drive there or trek back through rainforests and villages. This lake is also a great place to come for a scenic trek and contains some beautiful Indonesia flora.

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The Baliem Valley Lake

The Grand Valley has over 50 stunning caves scattered through the rocky hills flanking the valley. You can see the caves in the hills to the east of the Jiwika. Gua Wikuda has an underground river that according to local legend, flows all the way to Lake Anegerak.

Jiwika salt spring

Jiwika salt spring is located about one-hour hike east of Jiwika. There is a small cluster of naturally occurring salt springs that have provided the Dani tribe with a valuable source of salt for centuries. Saltwater is believed to have the power to cure various diseases by local people. The local women use absorbent banana stems to soak up the briny water then transport them back to their village. The things that become taboo are not allowed to defecate and shower in the source of air.  Moreover, to sit on a rock that is located above the spring.

Visit the white sands without the beach

As we know, white sand is usually found on the beach. However, this area which is far from the coastal coast actually has white sands. Moreover, the taste and the texture of white sand here is really similar to the one on the beach. So what are you waiting for? Let’s visit Grand Valley!

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