How to Survive and Have Enjoyable Komodo Liveaboard Trip


Trip with Komodo liveaboard is huge in Flores. This boat trip enables every curious mind to explore the wonder of famous yet isolated Komodo National Park, series of islets stretched on the Flores Sea. To see the home of the last dragons, to venture to wild empty islands full of savannah fields and high palm lontar trees, to walk in gorgeous deserted beaches, and to see bustling rich marine life underneath. Liveaboard trip enables you to experience everything in Komodo as a whole. Living in the middle of the sea, waking up with a view, and having a handful of exploration throughout the day. Liveaboard trip is awesome—but it you manage it wrong, it can turn to sour pretty quickly. 

How to Survive and Have Enjoyable Komodo Liveaboard Trip

Do Not Bring Too Much Baggage

Quite emotionally and physically, actually. Try to manage your moods and minimise your worries. Do not think too much of what might happen. Similarly, pack light for your things. This is the beauty of Komodo diving liveaboard; staying in liveaboard for sleeping, eating, and getting transported means you don’t have to dress up for every occasion. You can just wear anything you like and relax. Living in liveaboard calls for relaxed casual lifestyle. No need to bring heavy jeans or formal clothes cause you won’t need them that much. 

Be More Organised with Time and Belongings

First thing to know when you are sailing with liveaboard; space is small and very limited. So, be very wise with your belongings. Do not let them scatter anywhere as it will bring discomfort both to yourself and your roommates. Also, sailing in Komodo liveaboard is basically like travelling with kind of organised tour (only, it’s bit more relaxed). It won’t be like your regular solo travel. Try to wake up in time and follow the schedule accordingly. 

Stay Hydrated

How to Survive and Have Enjoyable Komodo Liveaboard Trip

You will spend almost the entire time under the sun and saltwater, so remember to always keep your self hydrated. Drink a lot of water. Bring ion water if you need to—and keep them in the liveaboard’s refrigerator. Eat a lot of fresh fruit—watermelon, melon, and cucumber are a must on most Komodo liveaboard. Fruits can help with your water intake and keep you fresh during the day. You won’t leave good memories in Komodo if you were getting fatigue on the whole trip. 

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Keep A Good Care to Your Equipment on Komodo Liveaboard

Remember that the islands within the national park are protected and they don’t have mall, dive centre and repairs, or dive shops on the land. It’s very important to keep your equipment in their prime conditions cause once it breaks, you won’t get it repaired any sooner. Bring spares for just in cause.

Listen and Pay Attention to Komodo Liveaboard Crew, Always

When you are sailing with Komodo liveaboard, you will be at the hand of professionals. It’s especially important to follow what the crews and the instructor have to say. Guidelines for diving, hiking, and walking with the dragons should be followed carefully. 

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