Three Best Indonesia’s Surf Camp Outside Bali


You might think that surfing in Indonesia is only limited in Bali, but oh boy, how you are wrong. Located on the equator, this biggest archipelagic country in the world is definitely Asia’s surfing mecca. Surfing spots is plentiful. From the north end of the country to the south end, this tropical country is blessed with pumping swells and emerald hollow breaks. All year long. You can have either a leisure surfing holiday or take it really seriously. Either way, we have rounded up five best surf camp in five different region in Indonesia.  

Best Surf Camp in Indonesia Rounded Up

The Hidden Tropic of West Sumbawa

The west Sumbawa has recently been rising in popularity as one of Indonesia’s predominant surf destinations. This region went off the radar for so long, hiding stunning white beaches, crystal clear water, and world class coral reefs blooming with marine life. A remote destination with some of the best and least crowded waves—especially if you compare it to Bali. The west Sumbawa have very consistent wave with blowing offshore winds all day long. One of the best stay for surfing in Sumbawa is probably the Nomad Tropical Surf Resort, where you can just paddle for 20 meters from your room to reach the waves. You can choose between rooms with suite bathrooms or family villas, the latter having its own jacuzzi and garden. Both types are accommodation are waterfront, by the way (hello, ocean!).

On days when you are not busy catching the waves, you can just taking leisure in the gazebos, scrolling the timeline with resorts’ wifi or playing golf on its 9 holes Golf Course. Or you can have relaxing yoga session, booking a massage, or even try the thrilling spear fishing. It might be quite pricey, but the comfort and sheer facility this resort give definitely make it as one of the best surf camp in Indonesia. 

The Unheard Boa, Nembrala, Indonesia

You probably have never heard about the Nembarala, on Boa, Rote Island. A little bit further from Sumbawa, the Rote Island in East Nusa Tenggara Region is yet another surfer’s hidden playground. The Nembrala has everything from softer and friendlier waves to fat and steep waves. 

The Boa Beach Villa Surf is probably the best surf camp you can find in this remote Indonesia.  This resort has only three rooms, cause giving exclusive and personal experience to the visiting surfers is their focus. It’s just a walk away from the beach. You don’t have to worry about lunch and dinners as it’s provided by the surf camp. Whenever you like it, you can always have alternative activities such as pilates, meditation, fishing, snorkelling, or kayaking around the mangroves. 

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G-Land Surf Camp of Java

The Java is commonly known as the land of ancient Javanese tradition, towering mountains, ruin of temples, and bursting cities. It’s the most populated island in Indonesia and surfing is not something people often think about. But that doesn’t mean Java is barren from swells, because the best in Java is pumping in its southern coasts. The G-Land is a famous surfing mecca of Java—it’s been around for at least the last 30 years. It’s also the name of the best surf camp on this spot, the G-land surf camp, located in coastline of the jungle preserve, the Alas Purwo National Park. You could choose one of many freestanding bungalows in the surf camp. Breakfast, dinners, and anything you need is available on the Central pavilion. 

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