A Mindful Holiday with Komodo Yacht Charter


Chartering A private yacht in the archipelago of Komodo National Park is the perfect way to explore this Jurassic beauty. Comprising of over 20 islands and dive sites, the Komodo offers secluded bays, world-class aquaatic life, breathtaking landscapes, and exotic experience you won’t find anywhere else. Luxury Komodo yacht charter is probably the best way to unwind and detach from the worries of the world. The comfort offered within its facility allows you to think of nothing else but to get totally immersed to the wonder of nature. 

Yacht can be a perfect choice for wellness and mindfulness retreat. Floating in a hotel, you will cast off from the land for a couple of dreamy days of beach time, diving, yoga, massages, and relaxation. Sailing on yacht charter in Komodo means letting all worldly matters get blown away by the salty winds. The business of your modern life will be replaced by effortless life, peace, and luxury in serenity. And that’s exactly why wellness yacht charter holiday should be in your bucket list for your next paid leaves. 

A Mindful Holiday with Komodo Yacht Charter

A Glimpse of Komodo Yacht Charter

Many luxury yacht charter in Komodo looks like a historical sailing vessel from the outside. Teak wooden hulls, two masts, flapping sails, and multi-tiered cabins will instantly take you back in time to the era of sailors and pirates. But once you step inside, you will see entirely modern interiors with plush sofas, wooden dining tables, ample lightings, and adorable Indonesian artworks. The al fresco areas offers couple of loungers and sun beds for anyone who want to get soaked up in the sun and sea breezes. The foredeck or main deck usually has a huge dining table where everyone would gather around to indulge in gourmet creations prepared by professionals chefs and cooks. And when the day gets too hot, you could always escape to the air conditioned indoor saloon. Get curled up on its comfy cushion, watch TV, or get something from its full-stocked library. 

Smooth Experiences 

Private charter yacht in Komodo usually run for three to ten days excursion. Each cruise can be tailored to your own preferred itinerary. Whether you’ll spend four nights in Komodo National Park or having a full 10 days blast to the Banda Island and Raja Ampat, it’s entirely up to you. Expect a smooth sail under the light of full moon, crossing the tranquil Komodo’s landscape. Wake up in different island each day, with glittering transparent water under the boat. 

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A Good Way to Life the Day

Picture yourself starting the day with yoga on the sun deck, the sun has just rising from the horizon. You are breathing fresh morning air, and your body get warmed from the golden sun rays. Everything you could listen is the gentle way of water on the hull and the light breeze. If only you could wake up like this outside the holiday.  

What’s for the day today?  Is it a thrilling walk with dragons? A leisure time in Pink Beach? Swimming in turquoise water? Or yoga on one of Padar’s peak? All the fun are aimed to get you reconnected with the wild nature; something that leave your soul fully recharged. It’s a mindful holiday on luxury Komodo liveaboard. 

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