How to Keep Your Kids Safe at Surf Camp


Summer is always fun an easy when we are kids, and that’s still the same for ours. It’s time for something fun; something new, different, and exciting like surfing. Every year, popular kids surf camp destinations like Portugal, Spain, Bali, and Maldives receives hundreds of young and aspiring surfer in the house. Surfing camps are great for kids and teen alike not only to learn to surf, but also to grow in so many ways as well. While these surf camps are undoubtedly fun, however, it can also unknowingly expose the children to invisible dangers. Here are simple steps on how to keep our protection to the kids when they are spending the time and having fun in the camps. 

How to Keep Your Kids Safe at Surf Camp

Pack Healthy Snacks or Lunchbox to Kids Surf Camp

One way to ensure child’s health is by ensuring they are eating healthy food. If the kids are going to a day camp, you can pack their lunchbox yourself. Make sure they have balanced meals consisting enough carbs, proteins, fibres, and healthy fats. If the kids are going to a sleeaway surf camp, you can pack them healthy snacks that they can share with their friends. 

Equip Them with Reef-Safe, High SPF Sunscreen

Protecting the little surf campers from sun damage should be a top priority. Especially when they are going to spend almost the whole day at the beach. Make sure the kids have high SPF, reef-friendly surfing sunscreen to avoid sunburn. You should also pack aloe vera sunburn gel relief in case they do get the sunburn. 

Educate Them to Common Local Insects 

Insects could greatly varied from one country to another. Before they go, make sure you have educate them to the local insect and critters and how to treat simple bites. Make sure you also pack an insect repeller for protection. 

See the Menu on Kids Surf Camp

How to Keep Your Kids Safe at Surf Camp

Call the institution and see if you can take a look on their menu. Lots of kids surf camp will gladly provide this—some even put their daily menu on the website. See if your kids are allergic to some of the menu. Discuss with the camp caretaker if your kids do have allergies to certain foods or following certain diet. Make sure that the surf camp maintain a hygiene standard on their meals and eating utensils. You don’t want to have the kids coming home with diarrhoea or food poisoning. 

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Make Sure The Surf Instructors Are Licensed 

You want the kids to be at the right hand. Don’t shy away from asking the license of surf instructors at the camp to make sure they are really the professionals. Never bother to enrol your kids to surf camps who can’t even afford licensed professionals to teach the campers. 

Teach Them of Sexual Safety and Prevention 

It’s time to address the tough topics. It might be slightly awkward at first, but this is really important for the kids to comprehend the danger. The teens and young children should understand that no one, without exception, should ever touch parts of the body where their swimsuit covers. No one should ask them to touch anyone’s where the swimsuit covers. Teach them to speak out of they are singled out with just one adult or one older peer (or anyone, really) and feeling not comfortable with it. Talk to your children about what they need to do if an adult or older children at the camp acts inappropriately. 

That’s it. Once you’ve done all the prevention, the kids surf camp experience itself is actually fun, so enjoy while it last!

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