Know Which Surfboard to Bring to Your Surf Holidays!


Your long awaited day offs is just lurking around the corner and you have planned to have surf holidays at one of the corner of the world. You planned everything—plane tickets, surf accommodation, and every surf essentials to pack. But there’s something that you haven’t 100% sure yet. Which surf board is best to bring (or rent) at your surf destination? 

The type of surfboard you use makes all the difference to your surf experience. Not every surfboard will do. The surfboards you’ll want to use on your surfing holiday will largely depend on your ability and the condition of the waves. You’ll need to change boards between riding the fat, classical mellow waves and riding sharp and powerful waves. So do a little research about the waves on your surf destination to know which one of these boards you need for the holiday. 

Know Which Surfboard to Bring to Your Surf Holidays!

The Longboards for Beginners on Surf Holidays

If you just have your surf camp training session and having your first surfing holiday, you’ll want to stick on destination with fat, stable, mellow waves. The longboards will be the perfect choice for such waves and your current ability. The length of longboards allow you to walk up and down the boards for the best position. The large body gives the stability you need. It’s easier to paddle and quicker to catch smaller waves. This is the surfboard you want to carry around especially if you just learn to find your rhythm and surfing style.

Shortboard for Much Challenging Destinations

If you are coming for fast and steep waves, you gonna need shortboards. Just like its name, shortboards are generally short and range from 5 – 7 feet. The nose rocker is perfect for hyper manoeuvres, handling punchy waves and carving into the pocket of the waves. Shortboards gives speed and dexterity, but they are not as stable as longer boards.  Their smaller size also make for easier (and cheaper) transportation which can be a huge plus in surf holidays. 

Fish, Surfers’ Favourite 

Know Which Surfboard to Bring to Your Surf Holidays!

Looking for something that has the stability of longboards and the speed and manoeuvrability of a shortboard? The fish can be a perfect choice for your surf holidays, especially if you are looking for just a fun jump in the saltwater and looking for the high waves. Its wider and flatter than shortboards which give more stability with a twist in fast and snappy turns. Fish is a great choice if your destination is brimming with smaller waves with medium height (2-4 feet) and a bit of steepness. Another benefit; fish is light to carry and it’s small size allow it to be tucked inside a car without much trouble. 

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Gun for Surf Holidays in Extreme Destinations

A long and narrow surfboard with pointy nose and tail, which size could reach up 6 – 10+ feet is called a gun. Surfers who deals with big waves that moves the line of the horizon love gun for its stability and speed. Its shape allow surfers for faster pedalling and easier control on steeper waves. On surf holidays destination with 12ft waves, you want to bring gun. 

Funboard, Surfers’ Favourite for Laid-back Surfing

Know Which Surfboard to Bring to Your Surf Holidays!

The extra volume of fun board allows you to catch more waves. They are wide and stable, which make it as perfect alternatives for beginners. If you are going to beaches with long barrels and stable rolling waves, you might want to just bring a this board.  The fun board can really bring out the fun of surfing without putting too much effort to catch the waves. 

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