Luxury Liveaboard Komodo: Trekking Activities


Everyone probably already familiar with hiking, right? Most people even go hiking regularly in their spare time to burn fat or just as a hobby. But maybe only some of you know about trekking, which can be called the advanced version of hiking. Trekking is basically the same but with a longer and harsher route, usually on forests or mountains. In luxury liveaboard Komodo, trekking the island has become popular among the tourists.

Luxury Liveaboard Komodo: Trekking Activities

Already familiar with diving? Try trekking while in luxury liveaboard Komodo!

The main difference between trekking and hiking is the route that it takes and also the condition of it. Trekking usually done in a really long route like exploring a forest or ascending a mountain from the bottom to the top.

That’s why before you try to go trekking, you have to really prepare your physique and bring plenty of necessary supplies like tumblers, protein bars, medicine, sunglasses, sun hat, jacket and many more.

In Komodo National Park, there are plenty of areas where you can trek in 3 of the main islands: Komodo, Rinca, and Padar. Trekking in these places usually takes from half to 2 hours depends on each person to complete and offers a beautiful atmosphere and landscape.

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Many tourists trekking in Komodo National Park for its magnificent view

Luxury Liveaboard Komodo: Trekking Activities

First, Komodo Island. Also called Loh Liang by the locals, Komodo island trek is probably the least tiring and mostly just for sightseeing Komodos in their natural habitat. Usually, the trip organizer on your luxury Komodo liveaboard will offer 3 tracks: Short, Medium and Long for trekking in Komodo island. A short trip is for the elderly and kids, just taking a light stroll through the forest. Medium takes you uphill to get a better view and Long will take you all the way up top.

Second, Rinca Island. Rinca itself is not that famous for its trekking. The tourists pretty much get the same experience that they got from Komodo, only with harsher routes since most of the hills in there are quite steep. It’s also divided by 3 tracks if you joined a tour, but taking a Long route can be worth more since you can see a more beautiful view from the top.

Third, Padar Island. At last, Padar is the main attraction of trekking activity in Komodo National Park. Despite not as big and famous as the other two islands, Padar Island is the one island famous for its trekking route. The island is a huge savannah plain with a lot of hills, and on top of the tallest hill you can have a clear overview of the entire island. Tourists often try to catch both sunrise and sunset from this island for the best experience.

Trek your way to the top to feast your eyes with wondrous landscape!

So aside from the water sports that you get from joining the Komodo trip, trekking is another exciting activity that you can try to challenge yourself. In case you’re interested you can try contacting one of our recommended Komodo operator, Hello Flores in their website for further information about luxury liveaboard Komodo as well as trekking and travel booking. Have a nice day!

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