Positive And Negative Impacts of Work From Home


The pandemic has pushed many industries to handle their work from home. Many employees have worked from home. Every individual may be affected differently from the situation. Not all people find it pleasurable to work from home because it is different from the office. Remote work has caused people to worry about their own performances. However, work from home is the best solution to keep everyone safe while still running business in the best of the situation. 

Positive And Negative Impacts of Work From Home

Positive and negative impacts of remote work

In any countries, the policy to work from home is taken to minimize the risk of infection of COVID-19. even if it hits the economy very hard, the decision should be made for the sake of everyone’s health and safety. Many businesses have suffered due to the pandemic but get adapted to the situation is what’s best to do. Here are some several positive and negative impacts found from the survey regarding to the policy of work from home:

More work life balance

Positive finding from the survey is that many employees find more balance regarding to their work and life matters. They find themselves set slower pace. It makes them feel more eager to increase their productivity because they have more time without worrying about the transport and any usual obstacles they usually find when working at the office. 

Chance to develop new skills

Chance to develop new skills

Another positive impact found from the survey is that employees develop new skills. They gain more opportunities to learn something new even outside of their own expertise when they have more time to work from home. It helps them broaden their skillset. Many also find that work from home has changed their productivity, making them more focus on the quality of their work instead because they don’t feel rushed. 

More quality times with family improves employee’s mental health

Another positive impact is that employees have more quality time with their families at home. They don’t have to worry about their kids because they are always at their sight. It affects their mental health, making them feel as ease and more relaxed in doing their tasks. Many employees also feel more cared for by their employer because they often ask about their well-being in every virtual meetings. 

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The uncertainty of current economy

Meanwhile, there are also some negative impacts experienced by many employees who work from home. For example, some experience stress and anxiety because of the economic uncertainty. Also, they find it very stressful to not be able to go outside. Also, not all employees enjoying virtual meetings or conferences. Those activities often leave them even more exhausted. 

Bigger risk of miscommunication

Miscommunication is also one of the issues of work from home. There are many factors such as technical issue such as poor connection. It makes communication to be less effective because many people find it more effective to meet in-person. Many employees also feel a lot busier working from home because they sometimes have to record their presentation, rewatch it, then send it to their employer. It is considered to be time-consuming because then they have more tasks to focus on.

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