Packing Essentials for Your First Teen Surf Camp


You’ve been dreaming yourself riding big momma wave in your surfboat on a bright summer day for long. You want to grow up to be that cool beach girl/ boy that you always see in the screen. However, surfing is not something you should learn by your own. It’s packed with risks and potential accident—one little slip and you could break that bone. One of the safest way teens could learn surfing the right way is by joining teen surf camp. If you are heading into one this summer, make sure you are packing these following essentials.

The Essentials for Teen Surf Camp

Several Bathing Suits

Bringing a bathing suits is obviously a no brainer when you’re going to attend a teen surf camp. However, it’s good to bring at least three to four bathing suits that you can wear alternately in between. There will be a bunch of other teens around, so it’s good to pick a good bathing suits that you feel good in! Also, you are going to spend a lot of time in the sea. Think about bringing long-sleeve bathing suits or rash-guard to prevent over sunburn. 

Packing Essentials for Your First Teen Surf Camp

Quick to Dry Daily Wears

You will be in contact with water a lot, and you’ll want to wear something that’s quick to dry when hung. At least 50% of your t-shirts and leggings should be made from quick-to-dry materials. 

Eco-Friendly Sunscreen

Aspire to be an eco-conscious surfer from young age. Reef bleaching is real! Know the damage of sunscreen residue to our beloved reefs. Choose only reef-safe sunscreen made from natural and organic products. Do your best to not harm the earth while having fun in teen surf camp! 

Water Bottles

Between all the shining sun and salty sea water, you can be dehydrated pretty quickly. Bring your own water flask everywhere you go. It’s a good idea to pack a hydroflask that would keep your water cold amidst the hot, humid weather. 

Beach Coverup

When you are not spending your time in the waves, cover yourself with beach-coverup to prevent severe sunburn. Choose one that dries super fast and looking stylish!

Dressy Clothes for Events in Teen Surf Camp

Many surfer camps for teens arrange a get-together night and shopping day between surfing classes. Water something other than bikinis and short this time. Flannel shirts, jeans, dresses, and skirts are good ideas! It can get chilly at night sometimes, so you might want to bring some sweatshirt or hoodie with you.

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Never imagine going to a teen surf camp without towels. Also, you might lose your towel, so pack an extra.  


How could you stand being by the beach 24/7 without a pair of sunglasses? On a side note, sunglasses is like towels. Many teens tend to lose it easily, so you could bring an extra just in case.

Lastly, pack your personality and you’re good to go! Have fun!

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