Why is Integrity Important in Business?


Business and integrity is inseparable. Integrity itself can be defined as the quality of being honest and morally upright. Integrity is important quality you have in business that can guide you to long lasting success. When you have integrity, you are not afraid to stand on what you believe in even if the majority of people is against you. People who have integrity create their own principles that meet their morality and idealism. Aside from money, the character is what you need to build a successful, long lasting business. One of the most important elements of the character you have to possess is integrity.

Integrity and the successful of business

If you want to become and effective, great leader, you have to possess integrity where you don’t allow yourself to compromise your honesty and morale by cheating. It is often that people relate integrity and honesty. Remember that there is always shortcut to achieve success in business. However, those are usually temporary. That’s why people who keep cheating in running their business always end up with major failure and short success.

Why is Integrity Important in Business?

Meanwhile, you can always hold on your integrity so you know to do the right things not because you are told to but because it is the right to do. Integrity doesn’t aim for popularity. It is something that urge you to always do the right thing just because it is the right thing. It works well if you want to maintain success in the long run.

Integrity is also about commitment. In business, the quality to be commitment and to keep promises is important. If you want to be an effective leader, you need to start by committing to what you want to achieve from the beginning. It also means you have to keep your promises without a fail. This also means that you will to be afraid to tell the truth. Keep in mind that in business, there are many people who say yes just because that’s what you want to hear not because it’s the truth. This is why not many people possess the quality of integrity.

As mentioned before that integrity is always related to honesty. In running your own business, it is important to see the world as it is. This is a reality principle you need to hold for successful business. When you are honest, there is less chance to make mistakes. For example, you need to tell the real situation of your team performance instead of sugar coating it just to make them feel good. When you tell the truth with integrity and honesty, it is easier to find solution because everything is seen based on reality not delusion.

Integrity is a quality that you should have especially when you are leading your team when running business. Integrity is not situational thing when you can change it to fit particular need. When you can lead your team with integrity, you will gain respect as well as mutual understanding. Thus, you will be able to achieve goals of business in the long run.

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