Luxury Mentawai Surf Charters—What You Will Need?


There is one thing that can make your surf adventure across the sea in Mentawai being more unforgettable, meaningful and you can make it as luxury as you need. It is to charter a boat and start spending your holidays on board while searching for the waves.

Mentawai is always on top list for the surfers in the world to spend their surf holidays while start learning about the surf or improving their level in uncrowded islands. It seems like many of the surfers are going to ride the waves in such private resorts, islands, or boats.

Experience the luxury Mentawai surf boat charters for holidays

This will also be the main reason why surfing won’t get you bored to death since you will not only play with the waves, the sea and the beach. But you can always to decide to get the luxury surf retreat through surf boat charters.

Things you will need to know to experience luxury through Mentawai surf charters

Right before you are getting yourself to Mentawai and picking up random boat to accompany you in spending your luxury holidays and adventure, you will need to know some things especially if you have never been there before.

The importance of doing this is surely to help you creating the better plan for your surf journey in Mentawai so you can really experience your holidays at its best through surf charters.

1. How to choose the right surf boat charters

I will getting it started by talking first about what kind of boat that will be your your “home” for the next days to come or simply just the one that will let you reach the surf spots as its needed.

Thing you have to know is, some people are only experience the luxury of Mentawai surf charters for a day and some are even for weeks. Some boat will anchoring for days close to the surf spots and some are getting around the islands as it is planned.

All of that activities are base on what you are required and what the surf charters are planned. Some surf operators have got an itinerary for days at the sea while visiting some of the recommended surf spots. And some just got a plan for a day.

All it means is that the surf boat charters in Mentawai are also offering the surf package for the travelers that have no idea how to spend their surf holidays.

And when it comes to talk about the perfect boat to choose, I would prefer to suggest you to choose the traditional boat design like Pinisi as it is one of the popular Indonesian boat. Even though that you are choosing the modern boat, it will also be fine as long as you are thinking that it will be safe and comfort for you.

2. How good the surf spots you are going to visit and ride their waves

Itinerary, I have mentioned this on above. When you are going to choose the best Mentawai’s surf boat charters, think about where you are going and what are things you can do. Specially for the surf spots, I think this will be the most important thing to know after your safety on the boat.

This second step is quite challenging. It is because there are more surf spots you can find at Mentawai Islands. Say it the 4 Bobs, Lance’s Left and Right, Macaroni’s, Nyang Nyang, Sipora, Pagai, and much more. Seriously, there are more surf spots than you think in Mentawai.

Therefore, if you are interesting about Mentawai surf boat charters, you’d better look closer to the surf package they are providing. In case you are the surf beginners, make sure that the surf spots and the waves are beginner-friendly as well.

3. Type of surf package to choose

The next thing you will need to know is the type of surf package you are going to choose. Some are offering the surf resorts with and without the boat charter or in separated package, some are offering the surf charters for certain number of passengers and some are the private ones in Mentawai.

Not only you will need to choose the above type of surf package in Mentawai, but you will need to make sure that the surf boat charters are also offering the liveaboard package for days or you will keep on end up at the bridge at the end of the day.

If you are choosing the liveaboard surf package, I don’t think that you will need another accommodation at the island. It will truly be an adventure across the Mentawai’s seas to find and experience he perfect surf holidays.

So, will you spend your holiday for only a day on the surf charter or you can make it longer as you have been coming far from another country and continent? Overall, no matter what kind of Mentawai surf boat charters you are experiencing, surfing in Mentawai is always recommended for every surfers in the world.

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