Avoiding Burn Out During Sailing in Komodo Boat


Sailing with Komodo boat is awesome. You get uninterrupted scenery of Komodo’s wonderful landscape, you wake up every morning just to be greeted by the crystal blue ocean, and have a week full of adventures. It’s hard to feel bored when you are too busy to dive, hike, and sharing exciting stories with other passengers. However, these excitements of sailing trip eventually cast a drawback upon your body. Despite all the fun, you would probably get burn out, especially after passing a day or two. Before you know, your body will get super tired—not only from all the excursion activities, but also from socialising with the group. Don’t worry. That’s something absolutely normal. Here are several things you could do when you started feeling burned out. 

Avoiding Burn Out During Sailing in Komodo Boat

It’s Time to Spare Some Time Alone

The majority of Komodo boat are not build as big as super yacht or mega cruisers—considering Komodo’s shallow shores and narrow passages between islands. Consequently, it’s easy to feel confined in the liveaboard when you need to share the limited space with at least 10 other people. Well, unless if you reserve one whole Komodo boat charter for yourself, of course. When you feel too tired even to simply share a small talk, don’t be ashamed to take an early retreat to your cabin. Or if you still want to enjoy the panorama without going back inside, just take your headphones out, signalling a conversation timeout. 

Go to Bed Early

One of most common social problem in shared sailing trip is the late night conversation. We don’t really know why, but somehow after-dark conversation become a thing between divers/ travelers on Komodo boat. Maybe because the atmosphere. Maybe because of the beers. Whatever it is, chilling out with each other after the sun sets become one of the favourite things to do, even until midnight. You don’t have to impose yourself to join the conversation just because the fear of missing out (a.k.a FOMO) when all you need is a rest after a tiring day. It’s okay to go to bed an hour or two before anybody else to just read a book and relax. We really recommend it especially if you share the cabin with someone else. Well, it’s nice to take a bath in peace and have some moment alone to just space out or reflecting the day before sharing the space with someone again.

Take Care of Yourself

Enough rest is not the only key to avoid burn out. Taking proper care of your body also does the benefit. Get plenty of sleep, calm your mind whenever possible, and drink a lot of water. Water is really important, especially since you are in the middle of vast saltwater with strong sunshine shining right above. Also, try to remember the boat schedule so you won’t be rushed for preparation. Rushing caused stress, and accumulated stress caused burnout.

Skip A Dive to Just Chill on Komodo Boat

There’s something delightful about taking your time on Komodo boat to enjoy the life onboard. To absorb the idyllic tropical landscape, to appreciate a change of life routine, and sip on tropical juices that the crew made for you. Throw your FOMO-anxiety to the ocean—though it probably the time when your group see something exotic under the deep water. Also, you are not wasting your money to just lie in the sundeck beds and miss a dive like this. The empty boat and serene feeling are totally worth it. 

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