Komodo Island Tour Packages What’s Included During the Floating Life?


Reaching the Komodo National Park isn’t as simple as going on a plane and ready to embark on a trip. The remoteness of the island and the relatively few facilities for tourists make traveling here difficult. This is why most people opt to go with a tour. There are a handful of Komodo island tour packages that you can choose; and among those options, there’s the full boat trip to Komodo. 

komodo island tour packages

The peace of mind afforded by this Komodo tour package is certainly second to none. With absolute convenience, you get meals to dive masters who are familiar with the area, ready to guide you. It’s definitely one of the ultimate vacation experiences in Indonesia. 

Komodo island tour packages the boat life 

When you’re taken care of by the boat staff, you don’t have to worry about anything. You’re living in your accommodation; likely a floating phinisi that could take you to any part of the sea you wished. Your Komodo tour in a boat already includes everything; all three meals a day plus snacks, and depending on the cruise, they may provide you with a dive master as well. 

komodo island travel

The initial cost for a liveaboard may seem high, but when you’re factoring the fact that you don’t have to worry about meals and transportation to and from your destinations (or dive spots), you’ll see that aside from the value the boat life provides, there’s the convenience that makes your komodo trip worry-free; especially when it comes to budget. 

Delightful food onboard Komodo tour 

Your Komodo island tour packages would have already included all three meals on board, often including snacks. You’re going to sail with at least one chef aboard. If you’re doing a boat charter, you’ll often be able to customize the menu to your liking (subject to availability of the ingredients of course, depending on your requests). But even if you simply chose the standard package, the dining experience atop a Komodo boat is still going to be one of the most delightful parts of your experience. 

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Most phinisi liveaboard already includes staff that would take care of everything for you, from washing the dishes, to accommodating special requests. Rarely does liveaboard operators that offer private boat charter didn’t provide you with staffing. This also means that there’s little to no room to cut on the budget in this department; but then again it’s your vacation. You deserve the break. Experience Komodo island tour with the utmost relaxation and convenience as the boat gently rocks you and stunning archipelago pass you by. 

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Which one should you pick? 

One of the biggest reasons that you’re choosing the liveaboard is that the priority of your travel is to get as much dive as possible. But what if you’re just a beginner in diving but would like to experience Flores marine life? It’s certainly a brilliant idea, but if you’re just getting started, choosing shorter trips is recommended. You can opt for longer ones (starting from 7 days itinerary) once you’ve had more dives and/or had more advanced qualifications. 

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