How To Tackle Everything On Your Professional To-Do List With Limited Time


There is a limited time for you to handle work-related tasks with how you also have obligations towards your families and other personal matters. It is common for entrepreneurs to struggle in managing their time. They have so many thing on their plate they sometimes they often forget to take care of themselves while their work keep piling up. It is impossible to be productive one hundred percent all the time regardless how dedicated you are with your work. Time management is the key to have maximize your productivity. And here are ways you can boost your productivity and tackle all your work efficiently within limited time:

Know which tasks to prioritize

To help you know which tasks to prioritize, write down your to-dos. Hence, you know what tasks you have on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. While writing down your list, make sure to put the tasks according to its level of priority. Hence, you know what to handle first when you have only limited time to work. This is also where you need to learn to delegate ‘not real’ works and focus more on important matters. Try not to focus too much on how much you did but what you did. It may take time to learn all this at the beginning but your way of working will be much more efficient and productive once you mastered it. 

Be more intentional  about how you spend your time

By being intentional with how you spend your time, you know what and when to accomplished those goals. It can be daily, weekly, or monthly goals you set. To fully have productive work hour times, make sure to fully disconnect to any distractions during. For example, turning off your phone while you are taking care of your work. However, be assertive with your off-work hour too by fully disconnecting your relax time from any work-related things. Try not to tangle up work hour and rest hour. 

Build passive income system

It will be beneficial for you to set up passive income system where you can still earn money for 24/7. this way, you don’t have to keep worrying about maintaining cash flow and focus more on ‘real’ work that affect your business in the long run. Also, this kind of system can help a lot in reducing the amount of daily work you have to go through. It helps you a lot in maintaining  steadier work flow with your limited time and energy.

Avoid overcomitting

It is so easy for you to have so many goals for the day that you become overwhelm with it instead of working productively. You end up with more exhausted body that could not handle work anymore. This is not only dangerous for your physical health but also for your mental health. Hence, be realistic in setting goals and commit to them diligently. Even if it looks like small steps to the ‘full picture’, it’s still better because you steadily make real progress.

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