How to Market Your Private Vacation Rental in Bali for Christmas!

How to Market Your Private Vacation Rental in Bali for Christmas!

Bali and Christmas might be not the most usual combos, but many people are actually happy to swap the freezing snowstorm with Christmas holiday in a Bali villa resort with private pool. Beside that, Bali has huge expat communities in touristy places like Seminyak, Canggu, Umalas, and Ubud, who will be celebrating the joyous season with their friends and families. You have huge potential market for Christmas if you run private villas business in Bali. So, how should you market your villa for this holiday season and what should you advertise?

Some of the most significant things we connect with this unique holiday are family, comfort, and food. That said, it’s a fantastic way to promote your vacation rental and build long-term relationships with your guests. Because of the strong demand for travel and lodging during this period, hotels may be fully booked, costly, and not always the best option for guests. Adaptability and innovation are essential for success in the hospitality sector. Highlight your best qualities, whatever they are, and plan a memorable and themed retreat. Here’s how to make your private villas a hit for this season. 

Highlight Your Kitchen and Stage It for Christmas

Highlight Your Kitchen and Stage It for Christmas
Highlight kitchen amenities in your villa
Stage kitchen for christmas
Stage kitchen for Christmas

Your private Bali villas will be at the top of travelers’ lists if it is a huge house with a full kitchen that can accommodate a large family. Guests are looking for a spacious, open-plan area where they can make and have a nice meal, so the kitchen could be a selling feature for you. Include high-resolution, professional images of your kitchen that portray your property as welcoming and pleasant. Make the guest imagine themselves preparing a warm Christmas dinner in your rental.

Even if your home lacks a large kitchen, you can still set it up so that your guests have everything they need for a stress-free vacation. Promote all of the appliances in your kitchen that would make cooking a Thanksgiving meal easier — not just the turkey, but all of the side dishes as well! Your enormous oven, as well as all of your cooking appliances, should be highlighted.

Decorate Your Private Bali Villas for Christmas

Even though this island is located in the tropic, your villa should reflect what people expect for Christmas celebration. Make your vacation rental holiday-ready, and guests will feel right at home. Put up a Christmas tree. In Bali, you can be as creative as you can get with your Christmas tree. It doesn’t have to be pine tree—it can be made from stack of driftwood, coconut shells, tropical fruits, or even woven bamboo! You can also display other holiday adornment, such as candle pillars made from cinnamon sticks, colorful wreaths, paper snowflakes, and tree branches. 

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Showcase Space for Get-Together Inside Your Private Rental

Showcase Space for Get-Together Inside Your Rental 1
Cozy space to get together

The goal is to convince guests that celebrating the winter holiday in a private beach villa in Bali is a good idea. Adjust your the floor design of your rental to make it appear more open and inviting. Focus on spaces where guests may sit, converse, and relax. The furniture should be placed in such a way that navigation is simple and there are no blockages or difficulties. You can also show the pool area and make it look fun for family-get-together. 

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Maintain A Competitive Pricing Strategy

Because of the increased travel demand at this time of year, you can boost rates to satisfy the demand, but determining how much to charge can be difficult. Check out similar vacation properties’ nightly rates by searching on multiple listing channels or their website to keep competitive with other short-term rentals throughout the holidays. Adjust your rental pricing based on the size, features, location, and target market of your properties.

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