Etiquettes You Should Know on Komodo Cruise Sailing


There’s no trip to Komodo that ever complete without the help of Komodo Cruise. This far-flung destination was made of chain of little islands connected by the Flores Sea. The Komodo National Park must be made especially for a sailing trip and wild expedition. Liveaboard trip is huge here. Travelers and divers alike loves to hop on a week of sailing trip to explore every nooks and crannies of Komodo. To dive the wonderful underwater, hike the breathtaking islands, and meet the dragons. 

Though sailing trip is somewhat necessary in Komodo, not everyone knows the right etiquette of being on cruises. Today, we are going to cover some of the most important cruise norms and rules that everyone should know. Some of the most generic rules are applicable to all boat—even on humble liveaboard. However, some are exclusive to a cruise and you should practice it whenever you embark on one. 

Etiquettes You Should Know on Komodo Cruise Sailing

Captain of Cruise Komodo Always Come First

When you hop into a Komodo cruise, you should be aware that you are under the authority of the cruise’s captain. Yes, the crew would serve you, but that doesn’t make you as the decision maker on the cruise. The main authority in the vessel falls on the captain’s hands, and he’s the one to make orders and decisions. He’s the one to discuss with if you wish to customise your itineraries, because he knows very well about the weathers and currents in Komodo. You should discuss and coordinate with the captains, especially if you want to change your destinations in the middle of the journey. 

The captain will be the first person to enter the boat and the last to leave. Upon the embarkation, you should wait for your captains—unless he gives you permission to enter first.  

On Smoking

No cruise prohibits you from smoking at the sea. However, they come with lots of rules. First, you should never ever throw the cigarette butts into the sea. Ever. The sea is not your giant trash bin. Second, never extinguish the cigarette on the deck floor—or on any furniture on the cruise. Use the available ashtray to cast the ashes, extinguish, and dump the butts. 

On Drinking Wine

You would probably never think of this, but some traditional cruises do not favour red wine or red berry. They could seriously stain the the deck. Discuss with your Komodo cruise about what kind of drinks that’s accepted and not onboard. 

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On Peeping Another Komodo Cruise

You are not the only one to embark on Komodo sailing trip. There will be many other boats, cruises, and yachts passing through and arounds! Naturally, you would have curiosity upon another boats, and that’s perfectly acceptable. However, be careful when you want to peep other passing cruises. If you display it too openly (and made comparing comments), your captain might find it disrespectful. 

The Foot and Footwear

Respect the cruise you are in by not wearing stilettos and any other type of high heels. It’s very essentials as almost all cruises in Komodo are made from woods. High heels are very damaging to the wooden deck. On a side note, it’s not very practical either to wear stilettos during island exploration and beach visits. You should wear something comfy, non-slippery, and not damaging to the cruise. Rubber flip flop is a good one! Also, don’t forget to always wipe your feet (or sandals) on small rugs. They are usually available on the cruise entrance and under the ladder. Do your best to not wet the deck. 

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