Savvy Travel Tips to Enjoy Vacation at Nusa Dua Beach Resort Even More!

Savvy Travel Tips to Enjoy Vacation at Nusa Dua Beach Resort Even More!

You are probably thinking, how can a vacation in beach resort be even more fun? Spending some days off in a seaside five star resort is already a luxury on itself, indeed. However, you can always add more spices to the vacation days and max out your staying experience. Thoughtful preparation can mean the difference between having the absolute blast in the sand and having just the standard resort days (still awesome, if you ask me). So here’s eight tips to help you have a fabulous time in Nusa Dua beach resort, Bali. 

Save Up for the Best Room at Nusa Dua Beach Resort  

Not trying to sell anything here, but it’s hard to beat waking up to 180º window facing the endless ocean. There’s real difference between staying on garden-view, ocean-view, partial-ocean-view, and the lavish oceanfront room. Imagine enjoying a slow morning at this opulent room in the Nusa Dua beach resort, sipping your morning coffee while taking on the view. 

Save Up for the Best Room at Nusa Dua Beach Resort

The oceanfront room is definitely more expensive, but it can be worth every penny especially if you have more budget to spare. It also doesn’t hurt to save up a bit longer so you can afford the best view on a vacation that you deserve!

Plan Out Your Outfit

Now, there are people who are totally okay with only t-shirts, sandals, and short pants on their beach resort vacation. But it feels good to look good on your beach vacation and wear something you don’t usually wear at home. Before you go, took inventory of what you have for a perfect beach resort vacation. Maybe you’ll need a bit of shopping before filling up the suitcase. A pair of new sunglasses and sunhat, maybe? Also, plan different outfit to wear on daytime and the evening. Maybe you want to hit some beach clubs or fine dining restaurant during your vacation. 

Think of Your Favourite Ways to Relax

What do you love to do to unwind? Pack your favourite past-time things—maybe some books, stitching, or even handheld console games. Doing your thing in the peaceful ambience of Nusa Dua beach resort feel twice as relaxing. 

Rent Fun Floaters 

Rent Fun Floaters

Add more cheerful vibe to the pool days by renting some fun floaters! Come in various amusing shapes and radiant colours, these fun floaters can really add a pop to the pool. Those ones like the bright yellow lemon or the Insta-ready white shells are totally a looker! Jump in the pool and float with style. Don’t forget to take pictures while you’re at it cause you’ll look absolutely stunning. 

Visit the Resort Spa

A second best thing that come with staying in beach resort; enjoying deep rejuvenating massage in their spa. Do not miss the Tea Tree spa in the Nusa Dua beach resort and come back refreshed. It’s time to let loose all the tight knots and worldly worries. 

Try Out New Cuisine in the Nusa Dua Beach Resort 

You are on a vacation and it’s the opportunity to challenge your palate to something new! The Nusa Dua beach resort has three dining options and is brimming with incredible menu options. From Balinese and Indonesian signature food to scrumptious vegan dishes, there are dozens of menus you should try out. Prepare to get the festivities of flavour on your tastebuds!

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