Fun Things to Do When Staying at Private Bali Villas With Family!


Planning an unforgettable family holiday but can’t decide where to go? Well, look no further than Bali Island, the paradise island and a wonderland for kids! Whether to celebrate a special moment or just to bond away from home. Family holidays can be a perfect opportunity to create special memories. Feeling great and sharing amazing times with family is a great way to connect. Private Bali villas are seen as a perfect choice of accommodation with their offering of complete exclusivity, where families can stay and enjoy the amenities all to themselves. A private villa is the perfect holiday hotspot for families who want to spend some quality time together in their own space. To give you some inspiration for your next family holiday, here are some in-villa activities you can do guaranteed to bring the family closer!

 Look out at paradise from your own infinity pool - Bali Villas

 Look out at paradise from your own infinity pool.

It’s true that many private Bali villas boast a private pool. This is one of the most popular features that people are looking forward to seeing and experiencing in Bali. Imagine yourself swimming in such a beautiful pool with a majestic nature as a background, wouldn’t that make it the most family activity ever?

Family Mealtime

family time in bali villas

Eating together is a pleasurable pastime for families who enjoy sitting around a table and sharing laughter and love. With great weather, Bali is incredible for al fresco dining. There’s something magical about having dinner by the pool, looking out in a gorgeous view from your private villa. Many private Bali villas come with access to a personal chef. So you can create a private family dinner to suit your own tastes. While you are on holiday in Bali, make sure you grab a taste of Balinese cuisine!

Outdoor activities in your private Bali villas

Outdoor activities in your private Bali villas

In a private villa, you can do a lot of fun outdoor activities. So make sure you should be good at choosing a private villa to get the best. Look around your private villa and use all the facilities as much as possible. Most villas come with a feature like lawn, gazebos, and hot tub. So, you can spend your whole day playing around in the private villa. Splashing in the private pools, or playing around the outdoor garden!

Finish the day with a Balinese spa!

Some Bali villas have their own Balinese spa rooms complete with hot tubs and saunas. A sauna session can serve as a perfect family activity that reconnects siblings together!

Capture your holiday memories!

The memories of your holiday are surely worth remembering. Therefore, make sure to take some good pictures together. Add some creativity by wearing a cute dress and poses you can do in the different locations within your private villa.

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