Enhance Your Solo Dining Experience While Travelling Solo

Enhance Your Solo Dining Experience While Travelling Solo

Solo travel gives you the satisfaction of planning your own itinerary to engage in your personal interests fully. Most people especially seasoned travelers suggest every individual to go solo travelling at least once in a lifetime to fully experience how it feels. Solo travel is also empowering because there is a sense of accomplishment and pride after conquering various difficult situations by yourself. 

Optimize your solo dining experience during a solo trip

Solo travel also has its own downsides. One of the most common downsides most solo travelers experience is solo dining. It may not sound like a big deal if you do it at your homeland. But doing it in different country surrounded by a group of locals can be pretty awkward and uncomfortable. That is why some solo travelers choose to dine alone in hotel room sometimes. Here are how to enjoy your solo dining during solo travel and enhance the experience:

Research in advance to find hot solo spots

Be prepared with your solo travel by researching your destination in advance. Using the internet, try finding out various hot solo spots you can visit for later. You can search for local restaurants that are solo travelers-friendly or that offer solo dining. You will see a list of restaurants that cater to solo diners easily. Also, mark restaurants that not only caters to solo diners but also have positive reviews from previous guests. 

Consider eating at different hotels other than your own

Optimize your solo dining experience during a solo trip

Hotels can be a great dining space for solo travelers. However, you are not tied to eat only at where you stay. In fact, try to venture out more by dining in another hotel. Sometimes, it is not about the price but about the experience which come with various information and knowledge about the culture of the locals. 

Choose your seat wisely

Where you sit yourself for solo dining may affect your level of comfort. If you want to have a chat with others especially the locals, choose to sit at communal tables. If you want to have higher chance of meeting other solo diners or travelers, choose bar seating. the least favorite seat for solo dining is probable in the middle of a noisy room. it will look obvious of how you are a solo diner in a sea of groups. Even though the people around may look disinterested to judge you, you may feel discomfort most of the time. 

Be confident and assertive

Sometimes, solo dining is what you are waiting for to end your tiring day after exploring so many places. You feel like it is time for you to enjoy a hearty meal of local cuisine peacefully. However, sometime a staff herd you to bar seating assuming you need it. However, be assertive to tell no if you don’t want it. You can politely decline the offer and ask for a quiet table or private booth instead. It’s because solo diners don’t always get the best service so you need to show your own game.

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