Basics Knowledge of Estate Agency


What is Estate Agency 

Estate agency is working for both selling and renting properties. They take on behalf of clients who is the original owner to face the prospective buyer or tenant. The properties can be residential or commercial purposes. 

Basics Knowledge of Estate Agency

The estate agency works is not only limited to sell or rent, but they also provide various services to their clients including handling the renovations if needed and manage administration legal procedures. From these services the estate agents receive commissions and fees. 

The works of estate agents is not like many people think that it’s so easy with few doing. This work actually requires maximum effort just like any other self-employment jobs out there. When you are determined to work hard, the result you acquire will be worth enough. Passion is really needed, so you will be able to open big opportunity and solidify your name in this market


The most essential skill of estate agents should own is proper communications. You should have enough confidence to involve with people. It’s way better if you have charm that could attract people in you as well as capability of understanding them. 

The skills will be helpful when you converse with prospective renter or buyer for initial introduction or prices negotiation. And, it becomes most needed when you have to deal with difficult clients. This works will be a lot of corresponding with people, so you have to know what to say if the other party are tricky.

You have to be ready when you face many problems. Sometimes, things don’t work out with the prospective buyer or renter even after so many discussions and offers. The properties remain unsold and deals are so far. So, perseverance and patient are other keys you should possess. Just like any other business, determination and passion is fundamental to succeed and overcome every setback.

Beside communication and self-determination, estate agents should also have solid commercial awareness. You have to master all things involving sales and marketing since you are the one who should sell or rent the properties. The owner depends on you to do this after all. You should learn other kinds of marketing channels and be able to identify which one gives the optimum results. 


Actually, there is no specific formal degree requirements in order to establish an estate agency. However, if you have studied about business major, civil structure engineering or surveying, it gives you more benefits. Besides, there are some particular courses which you can follow to learn this industry. Usually, you will have training about valuation as well as property management there. 

Collecting knowledge as much as you can would be great, but it is better to have enough experiences in this field if you are planning to initiate your own business. That way, you will be able to set some measurements, so you won’t lose to major players. 

Furthermore, you can consider to take specialist qualifications in order to show authority and particularly gain the client’s trust. This qualification mean you have mastered the law and regulations about the industry. And, you know how to prepare inventories and contracts in organized and legal way.

Since you will have to move from one site to other site of properties, it is suggested that an estate agent has driver license. Even sometimes, you need to drive your clients as well. 

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