Why Wood Construction is still Popular when theres newer method.

house with wooden window frame and wooden floor

Wood as the main material for building a house has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. Eventhough we already have concrete available and many other new ways material developed with current technology invented, wood is still in high demand. Here, i’ll breakdown several reasons on how wood for construction material is as good and better than other alternatives.

The Only Construction Material That Stores Carbon.

house with wooden furniture

Sustainable, renewable, and ecologically friendly construction materials are becoming more popular around the world. That’s where wood comes in. To begin with, wood is the only carbon-neutral building material. It captures tons of carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere, reducing carbon emissions by tons. According to environmental experts, every 100m³ of wood used in building saves roughly 80 tons of carbon. To reduce the damage we done when we cut down a tree, instead of cutting a wild tree, the wood usually come from a planting site, so it will not hurt existing forest. Cutting down trees would be unproductive unless at least two new trees were planted for each one that was cut down. It’s worth noting that the more wood we have, the more carbon we’ll absorb from the atmosphere. It is also critical that only old trees be cut down, as they have lower carbon-absorption capacity than younger ones. 

Can be prefabricated and easy to transport

Unike concrete that has to be made on the spot, wood can be prefabricated in a factory, then transported as a module to the building site. Reducing the time needed for the overall house construction. The ability to prefabricate wall and roof elements in factories, regardless of season or weather, greatly facilitates the production of high-quality products. Accurate provisions ensure a quick and tidy implementation of the work. The favorable weight and strength of wood allows for the production of light elements with cheaper transportation costs and no need for expensive heavy construction equipment to march on site.

Wood construction have faster build time & doesnt require much foundation

For its lightness, flexibility, and resistance, the construction of a wooden house offers a wide range of possibilities in its usage.

Wood is up to 7 times lighter than concrete for equivalent buildings. Wood is, in fact, a far more durable material than we might think. but for it to become durable, wood need proper coating to protect it from outside force. It has been utilized in the construction of houses in areas with difficult climates since the beginning of civilization. On how to protect your wooden buildings you should consult to a contractor have many experience constructing wooden buildings.

Building a wooden house is pretty quick and simple because wood itself is light and strong. So the construction of a wooden house does not require a deep foundation, and the materials are very simple to assemble. Hence faster build time and cheaper labor cost. 

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Is a great insulation material

Wood has better insulating characteristics than steel, vinyl, aluminum, glass, and a variety of other building materials, resulting in less energy loss from a residence. When exposed to severe temperatures, wood does not expand or compress. When exposed to direct sunshine, it dries and becomes tougher. It’s important to keep in mind that the contraction and expansion of siding materials can cause a house to deteriorate and eventually fall apart. 

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