Why You Should Convert to Hammock Camping


Hammock camping is among one of the most revolutionary ways of enjoying the outdoors. Those who love camping would have heard hammock-worshipper alike preaching how they love their hammocks.

This camping equipment certainly has risen so much in popularity. There are impressive numbers of communities dedicated to those who love hammock camping. But for those who have yet to experience the full benefits of a hammock, what’s the hype, really?

Hammocks are so much lighter compared to tents

Depending on your tent set up, it can weigh five times more than a hammock for the same amount of people.

This is already considering the full-blown equipment that a hammock may have depending on your needs. These hammock equipment include mosquito nets, tarps, as well as other hammock’s accessories of your choice.

The full-set of hammocks along with their full equipment will still weigh a great deal lighter compared to a tent.

This saves so much room and not to mention, money. Particularly when you need to fly during your travel. The basic hammock setup usually won’t require you to book checked luggage, as long as you know how to travel light.

Hammocks are more affordable overall

When it comes to cost, a good quality lightweight hammock is still going to cost less than a tent. The same can be said with many hammock accessories. The overall size of the equipment is also generally smaller compared to tents. As previously mentioned, hammocks are an excellent choice when you want to avoid checked luggage when you’re flying.

It’s so much more comfortable compared to tents

reasons to convert to hammock camping

It’s no secret that one of the most-preached ideas of hammock lovers is how comfortable they are.

Hanging on trees with colorful. Chose a good quality of lightweight travel hammock. Especially when you’re just getting started, don’t go for the low-quality one. Always make sure to check the materials of the hammock.

Whether they’re sustainable or whether they support other sustainability efforts in their manufacturing process. Remember that your hammock is going to be holding all of your body weight.

So a good quality hammock will need to be both strong and lightweight. And a hammock with a good design is one that is easy to be packed as well.

You’ll wish you’re in your hammock even when you’re at home

Hammock camping is loved even at your very own backyard. The comfort hammock provides is no joking matter. This is why a lot of people had set up hammocks at their very own houses and even indoor when there’s room!

Hammocks are perfect even when you’re simply relaxing at home. Setup your hammock at home and enjoy reading a book in your backyard.

Sleeping pads vs hammocks

Unless you’re bringing your spring bed to your camping grounds, I doubt that sleeping bags or other sleeping pads equipment are more comfortable than hammocks.

Grounds surfaces are often rocky and most sleeping pads are unable to provide the comfort our backs needed. Are you familiar with the eagerness, or rather, the relief, of campers coming home from their trips? You’re definitely not a stranger to the longing and yearning for a real bed.

It will not be an issue anymore once you’ve converted and become a hammock’s avid user.

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