When Is the Best Time to Rent the Villas at Seminyak?


Renting villas at Seminyak can be part of what you are going to do when you are in Bali. As one of the recommended accommodation as well as the location, you may want to know more about when is the best time you can rent your own.

One of among reasons why people especially the foreign travellers are falling in love with Bali is the tropical atmosphere as the whole country itself which is Indonesia has a tropical climate for most of the year.

Best times to rent villas at Seminyak and why you have to do that?

And where do you think the best place to experience the tropical sensation when you are in Bali? One of it is in the villas at Seminyak village where the location has its own beach. Tropical breeze nearby the beach can really be the perfect thing to spend your holiday moments while in Bali.

But, can you really experiencing that for the whole year as well or are there any best time that are recommended so you won’t fall into the worst travel schedule?

Best times to rent the villas at Seminyak

For your information, the whole Indonesia has two seasons namely tropical and rainy season. The longer one between the both is the tropical season since the rainy is only for the 4 and 5 months for most of the existing regions.

So, the first best times to traveling in Bali while renting the villas at Seminyak as your accommodation is referring to the wettest months to visit the island to ensure that you can really get the tropical experiences.

So that, it will be recommended that you are renting the villa right before November and after March since those range of months will be possible for the falling rain. But the thing is that, climate is changing.

After January 2019 ago, there are only some rainy days and most of the times are shiny until this end of February. So that, I am recommending you to keep an eyes to the climate changes since it is changing all the time.

It is barely possible to say that November to March are the wettest season as before since everything is changing.

But, from July to August, those months will mostly the hottest moments since the weather can even reach up to the 30’s degree Celsius.

Those months then can be included to your schedule as your vacation time in Bali and are also the best time to experience the staycation at the villas at Seminyak where the tropical breeze from the nearby beach and the ocean are the things you won’t miss.

From July to August, mostly they will also be the crowded seasons for the tourism in Bali. But if you don’t mind with the heavy traffic as well as to share the beaches with the others, then those months will be the best for the pleasant temperatures in mostly the driest months of the year.

Why choosing to stay in the villa at Seminyak?

As said before that Seminyak itself is nearby the beach while the villas themselves are perfect for any of the getaway accommodation to experience more of the tropic weather of Bali.

But surely that both of those reasons won’t be all of what you will get when choosing to finds one among the available Seminyak villas offers.

By the great match of perfect accommodation type and location, villas are usually recommended when you are requiring the complete facilities with great services.

Even a villa itself is looks like the rented personal house, its services are usually in the prime state where you will be helped out to fulfil all of your needs because many of the villas are actually have been provided with the professional trained staff.

Seminyak itself is popular as one of the best place to visit and stay for about the past 10 years since it has various destinations and there are hundreds accommodation offers that you can choose.

If years ago Kuta is so much popular for the travellers, today, Seminyak has been taking over it as one of the main alternative to stay at and spending the holidays in Bali. So did the hotel rooms that seemed have been taken over by the villas at Seminyak as the favourite stay in Bali.

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