What You Can Do in Padar Island

What You Can Do in Padar Island

Are you planning to visit the heart-stopping Padar Island on your way to Komodo this year? This Jurassic-looking, dry and mountainous island is probably the most famous signature of Komodo—other than the dragons themselves. No trip to Komodo National Park is complete without a visit to this island. Padar offers unparalleled panoramic scenes with view of three crescent beaches of different colours, jagged mountains, auburn savannah, and vast blue sky surrounding the tiny island. Padar is a must and, despite of its size, there are just so much thing you can do at this magnificent island.

Trekking the Padar Island for the View

Padar Island is long known for its crazy view from the top of the hill. The summit of Padar is a hot spot for tourists and photographers alike. Trekking the island to reach the top hill come just naturally. To hike this jagged island, prepare your trekking shoes—or special trekking sandals. Do not wear just regular sandals cause you’ll just hurt yourself. You will also want your feet to be covered as the sun burns mercilessly.

Magical Sunrise and Sunset

What You Can Do in Padar Island

Catching the sunrise or the sunset in Padar Island is one of the favourites among travellers. This is the benefit of landing on a small island. You can have both the sunrise AND the sunset at one single place! Either way, you need to trek up or descend on the dark, so prepare your lights. Seeing the sun rise or set far on the horizon, how the golden rays changes the landscape, and how the sky changes colour is sort of magical.

Snorkeling Around Padar Island

The Komodo National Park has long been known as one of the richest aquatic environment in Indonesia after the Raja Ampat, and among the most diverse in the world. Padar Island serves a fair representation of this underwater world. Snorkeling in Padar can be very rewarding as the island is surrounded by rich soft and hard corals of all shapes and colours. The currents is not as strong as other spots in Komodo. You will see countless of fantastic marine animals—including fusiliers and turtles—here.

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Having a Prewedding Photoshoot

Who would miss Padar Island’s otherworldly background for prewedding photos opportunity? Series of undulating hills, jagged mountains, and auburn savannah sends off a very charming and rustic vibes that will make your photos stands out. Some couple has ventured their way to this remote island and comeback with one-of-a-kind wedding stories. Don’t you want to try?

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