What to Pack to Amed Diving Trip


Lies hidden in little humble fisherman village in the northeast of Bali, Amed has constantly been charming divers from all around the world with its wonderful marine life under the waves. This quiet village is slowly developing as one of the most prominent diving hub in Bali. More and more dive centre enlisting Amed to its major dive tour destination—as well as opening dive offices in the village. Dive resorts start to pop up in this beautifully quiet village, offering a tranquil escape from the busier parts of Bali. More divers, with their dive suits and hanging fins, are seen among fisherman around their traditional ‘jukung’ boats in the beach. So if diving in Amed is enlisted in your travel wish, here’s what you need to pack before going there. 

What to Pack to Amed Diving Trip

The Dive Bag: to Carry All Your Amed Diving Essentials!

Good dive bags can be ridiculously expensive. But we swear by Poseidon they are totally worth it. Especially if you are travelling to a remote diving destination like Amed. Dive bags will be your investment for years—sometimes even outlive some of your dive gears. There are several types of dive bags out there; backpack, roller bags, hard case, duffel bag, and mesh bags. We recommend you to bring one dive bag of your preference and a mesh bag for the daily diving trip. The mesh bag is very convenient to contain all the dive gear essentials in one place as well as putting them to dry under the sun. 

A 3mm or Shortie Wetsuit

Amed’s water is warm, ranging from 24ºC – 28ºC (75ºF – 82.4ºF) all year long. A 3mm wetsuit or even a shortie is usually enough for diving in Amed. Most of the days are usually sunny and hot with quite high humidity. Thin dive suit will keep you comfortable in tropical climate while still giving protection. If you are junkie enough to dive during the rainy days, you might need a 5mm dive suit as the temperature might drop.

Mask and Snorkel

What to Pack to Amed Diving Trip

Divers should have their own personal mask and snorkel. It’s not everyday you can find a perfect dive mask that fits perfectly in your face. Dive mask is affordable and easy to slip to the dive bag. 

Your BCD

The BCD is your lifesaver under the water and, unfortunately, it’s quite expensive and hard to pack. But that’s not a reason to not own your BCD. If you don’t have one, you can always rent it from one of Amed diving centre in the village. But it’s always better to have your own, the right BCD for your body type, and bring it to your dive holiday. 

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A Dive Computer 

When you are going to dive in Amed, you gonna need to plan your dive. Calculate the depth, decompression limits and the overall dive time. Don’t rely on dive centre. Get a dive computer that suits your need (and the size of your wrist) and bring it whenever you go. 

An Underwater Camera to Capture Beauty of Diving in Amed

Assuming that you rent the rest of the dive gears at dive centre, then the next thing you need to bring is definitely an underwater camera. Or just regular camera (action camera works too) with its underwater housing. You will need it to capture the breathtaking beauty of the underwater landscape on your Amed diving

Bug Repellant Lotion/ Spray

Just like the rest of Bali, Amed is very tropical—if not more. And you will likely stay in a hotel or resort surrounded by lush tropical garden. Though refreshing to see, tropical garden is a perfect habitat for mosquitos and other bugs. Always bring a bug repellant with you.

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