What NOT to Do When Decorating Your Elite Vacation Rental Bali!

What NOT to Do When Decorating Your Elite Vacation Rental Bali!

While some guests look for the perfect location or amenities when they search for luxury villas in Bali, many guests book based purely on the pictures your property. They might be looking for a place that is modern, charming, or cozy. Other guests may book based purely on the high reviews of people who have stayed there before. It’s essential to say that the look and reviews of the interior of your home makes a huge difference to potential renters!   

The good news, is that you don’t need to spend a fortune updating your property to see a strong return-on-investment. However, there’s a fine line between decorating an elite property in Bali with fine taste to overdoing the villa decoration. So read our guide and know what NOT to do and make your property among the best villa in Bali. 

Don’t Paint Your Bali Luxury Villas with All-White Paint 

Don’t Paint Your Bali Luxury Villas with All-White Paint

Most luxury villas in Bali loves to paint their property all-white. However, ff you’d rather go with neutral hues, simply don’t make it all white. White furnishings and furniture may appear appealing and elegant, but they are not the ideal choice for a short-term rental. They are easily stained, which can result in a larger cleaning charge.

Don’t Go Overboard with Earth Tones in the Interior

Browns and beiges are the least popular hues in the world, as they are associated with degradation in people’s minds. You’ll make your guests pleased and attract more bookings if you balance your browns with blue and blue-greens.

Don’t Put Your Personal Item As Part of Decorations

However, don’t mistake this for permission to fill your area with your personal belongings. Your guests may become uncomfortable if you have too many personal stuff, such as family photos. It may make them feel unwelcome and as though they have intruded on your personal space. It’s also problematic from a security standpoint.

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Don’t Purchase All Your Furnitures from One Place Only

Don’t Purchase All Your Furnitures from One Place Only

Don’t limit yourself to one type of furniture. We all adore IKEA, but when a home is totally furnished from the same store, guests are quick to notice. Research a selection of budget-friendly manufacturers to keep your rental’s interior decor fresh.

Don’t Decorate Your Bali Luxury Villas with Furniture Sets Only

Choose a combination of standout furniture pieces and interesting second-hand pieces to create a listing that attracts attention. When your goal is to create an experience and a design that will tell an exciting tale, a furniture set is not the ideal investment.

So, if you’ve ever needed an excuse to get lost at a neighborhood vintage store, you may use this as an excuse to look for unique and unusual items. Try to present authentic Bali Indonesia villas in your property. However, do mix it with modern furniture design to avoid a dusty secondhand-shop look. 

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Don’t Overdo the Graphics

Sure, graphics and patterned images are fun and can bring different atmosphere that’s unique to your villas only. However, an overabundance of patterns and images can make a room appear smaller. While you want to embrace small spaces, your goal is to create a pleasant and intimate area rather than one that is overly cluttered and confined. Instead of using pictures or patterns, rich color schemes might be used to provide a touch of luxury.

Don’t Overdo the Small Decor in Your Villa

Fake plants, statues, and other decorations acquire dust, which raises your cleaning costs. Choose a few exceptional, well-placed accents instead – additional points if they come from local artists!

Don’t Wait Until Your Pillows to Get Lumpy

Everyone enjoys good pillows, so invest in some very great, fluffy pillows and replace them frequently. After a long day of sightseeing, resting one’s head on a clean, inviting pillow is a lovely feeling that will help guests relax. Remember, comforts earns stellar reviews!

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