What Makes Komodo Liveaboard Budget So Affordable


You might have heard about the famous Komodo National Park on Flores, Indonesia, and its phenomenal sailing trip. As one of New 7 Wonder of the World, the Komodo has risen in popularity. It drives many travelers and divers alike to its transparent blue waters, undulating hills, and its rare dragon nests—the only colony of wild dragons left in the earth. Here, Komodo liveaboard budget remains as the most favourite option to have a taste of Komodo’s captivating beauty without spending all your savings.

But actually, what makes this liveaboard so affordable among other kind of boats? In this article, we’re going in depth with facilities in budget liveaboard compared to other pricier boats in Labuan Bajo.

Standard Cabins Enough for A Rest

Budget liveaboard might be not as luxurious as cruise or Komodo yacht charter, but it provides all your basic needs. Don’t dream about cabins with windows displaying the beauty of the sea, double spring beds, and mini-fridge on the room. Komodo liveaboard is all about paying what you get. Liveaboard budget commonly feature bunkbeds on their cabins. Sometimes one cabins could fit 3-4 people inside. Some of the best Komodo liveaboard on the budget class have double beds with  windows, but they get full very fast. These cabins don’t have much space—often, it’s enough to fit only for the beds and a tiny cabinet. However, this is much better than open deck boats with no cabins. That means you are going to sleep in the deck on thin mattresses used as makeshift beds.

What Makes Komodo Liveaboard Budget So Affordable?

Shared Bathrooms Instead of Ensuite

To save space and maintenance cost, budget liveaboard often cut the bathrooms into just two to three units onboard. While you can get your own ensuite cabins with bathrooms in luxurious liveaboard, you gonna need to share in low-cost boats. Bathrooms are equipped with showers and toilets, but you might not have many rooms to move. 

Basic Meals Onboard

The food in budget liveaboard Komodo is one of the thing that we really like. It feels like you are eating at local warung by the street. There’s nothing fancy on the menu, but they are fulfilling and comforting. You won’t get matching set of plates, cups, and saucers, but it doesn’t matter anyway. The crew would try to cook different menus everyday, but there’s might be repeated meals like Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng. If you are a fond of these meals, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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No Luxury Adds-On on Komodo Liveaboard Budget

One thing that makes budget liveaboard in Labuan Bajo so affordable is the package. What they offer is the basic—and main—experience in Komodo. Trekking, Komodo hunting, diving, snorkelling, and exploring the islands. That’s all. No fancy add-ons; no spa, no water sport activities (think of Kayak and paddle boats), no latte a la cafe in the morning. Everything in this liveaboard budget is far from pretentiousness. Everything is humble yet ensnaring everything you need to have a fulfilling Komodo experience.  

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