Wedding Vendor in Bali: Creating a Theme & Menu Ideas


Planning a wedding can be both exciting and headache including for both brides and grooms. Not to mention, if you’re having a destination wedding faraway from home. Bali is among a favorite wedding destination for couples all around the world. Planning a reception there should be a breeze, except it’s not. In the whole planning thing, choosing a wedding vendor in Bali is among one of the most important todos for to-be-weds. 

Wedding vendor in Bali: Have a wedding concept – create a mood board!

Having a wedding theme starts with a concept. Once you have a clear idea of a concept, then you’ll have clearer vision on how you’d like what your event to turn out. And one of the most effective ways in creating a reception concept is by making a mood board for your ideas! Having a mood board is extremely helpful before you get to approach a reliable wedding vendor in Bali of your choice. 

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Being consistent about your wedding theme 

Don’t get sidetracked when browsing for ideas and then loose sight of the fact that you’re trying to figure out a concept here. All of those ideas in Pinterests are gorgeous and shiny. And you may be tempted to get everything into your wedding. And that would just be a mess. This is why compiling everything into a moldboard will help—you’ll see all of the ideas you’ve compiled in one visual map.

Consider hiring a wedding planner in Bali 

You may think that skimping on a planner is a good way to cut on your reception expenses. But is it worth the cost? While budget is one of the most crucial concerns, do note that having an input from someone whose expertise is wedding—who does weddings regularly every other weekend—is going to help you tremendously. 

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  • Your planner will be able to help you decide a good wedding venue that suits the vision of the concept your have in mind. 
  • A wedding planner is likely able to recommend you to wedding vendor in Bali that they have worked with previously. 
  • Your party planner Bali will be able to give you insights to what can and cannot work for your wedding. 

What about your wedding menu?

One of the most fun part in planning a wedding is getting to planning the food! Don’t immediately book just any catering company just because your friend’s aunt recommend it, or that they belong to a relative and you get a discount. If you’ve gone all the way here and even have a theme for your wedding reception, why not do your best and plan your catering menu around your theme as well? 

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Engineering a suitable menu and decor 

Skip the cake if you and your partner don’t like it. Your parents may frown at this, but everything in a wedding is honestly optional and the limits is your creativity. And if your theme supports the whole removal of the cake anyway, then go right ahead. There are tons of ideas out there on wedding cake alternatives, and you should definitely take note; 

  • Macarons. Cute and colorful, they’re suitable for weddings with whimsical themes and design. Have similarly-colored macarons instead if you’d like the sweet but would love for them to be uniform to your overall wedding color scheme.
  • Champagne. I’m all for that mountain of champagne glasses—classy and not to mention, shiny. 
  • Fruit pies! Or any pies you love. Have a gigantic pie for your guests and stand out from the crowd 
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