Tips To Help Your Team Members Managing Their Stress


No matter how passionate you are about your work, there are always times when you suffer from stress. And it happens to your team members as well. With all responsibilities and tasks, it is bound to happen. It seems impossible to prevent stress from coming. However, you can help your team members manage their stress better. Hence, they are still healthy physically and mentally. 

Tips To Help Your Team Members Managing Their Stress

Helping your team members managing their stress

Work environment is challenging to every individual in different level. And with how the work environment changed a lot today, many people experience major stress from it. Their level of stress may also be heightened by other factors which makes it even worse. However, you can do something to help your own team members managing their stress healthily, and here are some tips to follow:

Show your own vulnerability and make yourself more relatable

As a leader, you are always demanded to set by example. You are aware that everyone in your team may experience different level of stress. However, almost everyone doesn’t like to look vulnerable so they try to appear as strong as possible. Meanwhile, it is not a healthy way to cope with the stress. Encourage your employees to not feel afraid of showing vulnerability by showing your own first. Show them that vulnerability doesn’t mean weakness. This way, you will look more relatable for your team members. Then, inform them some healthy tips on how to maintain an optimistic outlook.

Use empathy to humanize work environment

Regardless of background status, each individual in your company is human. Hence, show your team members your human side by showing empathy. Also, infuse compassion in every interaction you have with them even with remote setting. Always provide support for their mental health as it is not less important than their physical health. 

Talk with your team members openly

Not everyone likes to talk out their feelings or how they are doing. However, talking can help a lot in relieving stress. As for today’s situation with the pandemic, every member of your team may be affected differently. Hence, look for the facts and talk about it with them openly. Discuss and find solutions together. Make sure to find solution that work for them to protect everything valuable including themselves, their families, work team, and company. 

Identify the sign of high stress levels and provide the right programs

It is important to identify the signs of high stress levels so you know when and what to do to overcome the situation. It is easy to fall on your own world, making you unaware of the situation around you. Your team members might be on the verge of crashing without you realize it. If you know how to identify the sign, you can take earlier actions. One of the solution to manage stress is by providing mental wellness program. Not only does this help manage work-related stress between your team members, it also helps a lot in maintaining their mental health in general. 

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