Tips for Travellers to Take Better Images in Bali


Most people who are visiting Bali may take pictures more often than the other travel destinations in Indonesia. It is making sense since Bali is a classic version of the country, a place for luxury retreat, adventures, rich in cultures and religion attractions and many more.

Tips to take better images in Bali for travellers

And to get more better and beautiful images in Bali, you will need some tips. But, I won’t give you some that may have been heard and read before, I have some things that you may have never been thought before.

1. Wake up earlier and start heading to the destination

When its come to the weekend, it is hard to find a place in Bali to take pictures without making you shout to people. The crowd of the place, the worst and might contribute to make your traveling day worst.

So that, if you want to start your traveling in a day, it is better to start earlier since there are many destinations that are best to shot in the morning. Most of the people still in their bed and you will also take advantage of the morning sun to add light to your images. That will be a great thing to have such natural lighting.

2. No matter how good the angle you may think, never try to climbs up the temple

Temple–no matter how small or big it is, if you are thinking that getting its image from the upper angle will be great, Do Not you dare to climbs up on it. It may sounds different with the other religion house of worship, temple in Bali is truly a holy place, literally.

Climbing it up without any permission will makes the religious adherents and religious leaders thinking that you have been reducing the sanctity of the temple. You’ll get a punishment for that and the worst case, there should be a sanctity ritual to get back the holiness of the temple than can cost the local people to spend up to hundreds million of IDR (Rupiah) and even more.

Doing that means you are demeaning the holy place as well as the local people. In this case, you have to think that your photography things are nothing at all.

3. You can hire the professional photography services

Better images is equal to a better or professional photographer. If you really need that, you have surely make a plan before to see if your budget will be enough for that.

Today, many of us have actually our own tools and camera on hands, but it is always a worth trying to do for hiring the professional photographer Bali if you do really care about the quality and your image stories.

One of the advantage you can get by hiring the pro is that you can start talking about which destinations you are going to visit and what the best concept for getting images in such places. Later, you will get the various and better image quality for your traveling story.

4. Getting around Bali by yourself for a photography hunting? Bring extra power resources

How you will take your images? Most people will answer to use the mobile phone, high-end DSLR camera and surely the combination of the both. The thing is that, leaving your accommodation to the certain destination you have planned a night before can take up to hours. Let’s say it will be 2 or 3 hours riding motorbike.

What if you don’t know the road to your destination? You may use the Map apps on your mobile, right? Now, your phone battery may reduced if you do that. It may not even stands for the next 3 hours. So, you will lost more chance for taking pictures.

So does when you are using the DSLR camera. If you think that you will take more images than before, you may need to think about the extra power resources since the road is too long to go back to the accommodation.

5. Brings at least a friend, never going solo!

If you are a solo traveler, it doesn’t mean that you have to be alone along your travel in Bali. Find a new friend and see if you may have the same common in experiencing Bali. Not to mention about the troublesome you may get when taking images. If you are alone, who would love to take your images if the place is quiet hard and somehow impossible for that?

That’s a new friend is for. Make him or her taking images of yours and see if you can also do the same thing as return. Anyway, with a new friend for heading to the destination in Bali, don’t you think that you will also help one another in adding an extra power resources. At least, there will 2 phones in your journey. You get what I mean, right?

So far, that some of the 5 tips to take a better images when you are traveling in Bali. I think those are special to you since there may many bloggers or travellers are covering such topics.

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