Things You Should Know About Negotiation in Property Business


Negotiation is not something new. You negotiate with your partner about relationship before taking anything further. You even negotiate with the strangers when you involve in incident to find the best way-out. Therefore, negotiating in property business is also common. In fact, it is part of the business you couldn’t skip. Even if you are not good at negotiating, you should hire people to represent you in negotiation. Negotiating skill in property investing is important. Just because you can hire someone to do the job, it is much better to learn how to build the skill for yourself.

Things You Should Know About Negotiation in Property Business

About negotiation in property business to know

Actually, negotiating skill is not a subject you can learn from school. Experiences in real life are better even. Besides, some people are just natural in negotiation that they don’t need to learn how to do it. You see, a negotiator should hold the power so to get what they want from the other party. And here are some rules you can learn and follow:

  • It is important to think that basically everything is negotiable. It doesn’t mean you can always win in every negotiation. However, it reminds you that you always have change to negotiate everything without any doubt. This makes you confident to negotiate you want to achieve.
  • Even if you already knew who the other party is, you never know what they capable of. There is always chance to slip up and in the matter of second, the other are in the upper hand. That’s why you need to be prepared for the negotiation. You need to know what you really want to achieve. Only then you can make the right plan on how to achieve your goals.
  • Instead of focusing on how to win the negotiation, focus more on to achieve win-win solution. This way, both you and the other party can leave with satisfying deals. To achieve this, you need to remind yourself not to openly offend the other. Instead, show them that you have good intention and understanding. However, never assume that you and the other have the same goals and agenda. Ask some question before going to the real negotiation process to find out the other motives and intentions.
  • In negotiating, you need to appear confident even if your inside if nervous. Don’t be afraid of rejection or judge from the other. Also, do not easily give in what other demand because you have your own agenda you need to fulfill.
  • To put it simply, treat negotiation as a game. There must be rules and hints on how to win the game. By understanding the stages and structures of the game, you will know what to do. It is also highly advised not to trust other but yourself. Do not let the other see your desperation. In addition, it is even better if you play dumb instead of showing off your brain to let the other’s guard down and think they are in the upper hand before you strike.  
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