Things to Improve Your Negotiation Skills in Property Investing


Negotiation in property business is one of the essentials. You won’t be able to run the business properly if you cannot negotiate or have someone to do it for you properly. Negotiation is important to make best deals for both parties involved. When you decide to invest in property, you need to know that negotiation skill will be very helpful. Even if you are not talkative person, you need to learn the basic of negotiation. Therefore, you won’t have awkward moment when discussing about your business and trying to make the best deal.

Improving Your Negotiation skills for your property investing

Negotiation is not always about being talkative and convincing. It is also about listening to others well. If you can only talk without listen, there won’t be any agreement made. Therefore, negotiation is like an art you need to learn how to.  There is a flow to it. Negotiation skill can be learned and improved. Good negotiators aren’t always the talkative ones though. So you don’t have to worry if you are rather introvert person. You can improve your negotiation skills through these tips:

–        Calm down your ego and listen more. Listening is not passive act. By listening to others, you can process what is happening and will be able to identify the other’s needs and wants. By listening, you also encourage the others to talk more which prompt you to understand more. This way, you have time to think of possible way to make the negotiation works. However, you also need to know when to jump in and response. Keep listening without responding is not good idea either. You also need to know that too much talking on your side means you open chance for slip ups.

–        Instead of babbling, it is more productive to ask questions. When you ask questions, you are in control. However, asking question in negotiation is not always about finding information. It can be to verify the information you have gathered. However, being the one in question is not an easy position as well. Instead of quickly answering, you need to prepare to throw question back.

–        Build your patience for better negotiation skills. You can practice 10 second of silence strategy. You see, most often than not, silence always makes people uncomfortable and restless. You can use this as weapon. When the other finish their offering, don’t be too quick to response. Give yourself 10 seconds to not speak anything. This will open up more chances of gaining another offer or information because the other will be uncomfortable with the silence.

–        Try to learn more about body language. It is true that action speaks louder. Non-verbal communication is one of ways to deliver message. Instead of saying out loud about your disliking to the other’s offer, you can try to show it through your body language such as shrug or flinch. This will make the other try to break the silence and offer more options for you. so you have more options to choose for the best.

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