The Ultimate Budget Surf Vacations Planning


So here’s the deal. You have been idling for mounting some awesome waves but you don’t have a fat wallet in the pocket. Here’s how you can enjoy surf vacations in limited budget.

Choose Budget Destination for Your Surf Vacations

The Ultimate Budget Surf Vacations Planning

Are you sure you want to go to the Maldives when you only have few thousand dollars in the bank? Think again. The world has so many breathtaking surf spots and lots of them are totally affordable! The Northen Peru is totally off the radar and its accommodation are quite cheap. The Nicaragua has consistent surf and warm water pretty much all year round. Food and accommodation are cheap, but it’s quite remote and tourism facilities could be limited. Indonesia has Bali, Mentawai, and Sumba which are renown for their tropical weather, quality surf breaks, and remote surf spots. The flights can be quite expensive if you are coming from Europe/ the States, but once here, everything is cheap! A basic lodging will cost you $10 – $15 dollars per night. Local foods and beers are just as low as $3 – $5. Spain and Portugal are much accessible if you come from Europe (means, less travel expenses) and they offer some of the best waves in the planet. They have tons of surf camp and surf lessons across the country, which means prices can get very competitive. 

The thing is, do your research. There are lots of affordable surfing destination in the world where you can go even when you don’t have much dollars in hand. 

Consider Shared Surf Camp for Accommodation

If you know how to travel, you know that accommodation is one of the element in travel that you can press as low as possible. Moreover, surfers usually prioritises awesome wave-riding experience over accommodation. As long as it’s comfortable and does the job, who cares? Shared dorm rooms are usually the cheapest. And it come with likeminded friends who you might ended up being surf mates for the vacations. 

Time is Your Advantage

The more flexible you are, the bigger chance you have to get the best price for everything. Low season time usually offers more package deals and overall lower prices for transportation and accommodation. If you have to go for surf vacations on specific holiday time, you are likely going to pay more. Flexibility on time also allows you to take last minute flight offers. Many airlines, cruises, and liveaboard trip offer last minute deals to fill the empty seats!

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Have Surf Vacations with Friends (If Possible)

The Ultimate Budget Surf Vacations Planning

One way to travel on budget is having a friend with you. Be sure to pick up the right friend though. Similar tastes and preferences could keep meaningless arguments at bay. It’s nice to have friend on surf vacations to share the waves, the excitement, the stories, and most importantly, the gas bills or hotel rooms. 

Pack Light—Super Light, If You Can

You don’t want to overpack and pay for the over-baggage. Pack few pieces of t-shirts and shorts, two pieces of light dresses, a jacket, a rash guards or wet suits (if needed) and a lightweight travel towel. Bring maximum two surfboards—one for the good days and one for when the waves are rather small. Don’t forget your wax and ding repair kit along with the surfboard. Or don’t bring surfboards at all and rent it in your destination. You will find many inexpensive surf equipment rentals and shops to rely on. 

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